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Anne's Randomness

Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays

Something to think about

Good day to you, O readers. You might be expecting a usual Why Do I Work Here Wednesday blog post, but today is going to be a little different. I'm not quite sure where to start on this topic, so why don't I just take the advice of the esteemed Lewis Carroll, and begin at the beginning, go on until I reach the end, and then stop.

The beginning is my day job, which, as most of you know, is that of an administrative assistant at the financial services firm I am pleased to call Glass Bathroom Bank.

My life and other strange things

Happy February, O readers! Did the groundhog see his shadow yesterday? I didn't check. Things are rather quiet around here, although I do have a few funny work-related stories to relate on this Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, but overall life is going smoothly. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, click my heels, and all the rest of it.

I'm by myself in the house for the next few days, as the roommate has to go visit her family, but it's not like that is going to pose any huge problems. The dogs go out, the dogs come in, the dogs get loved, the dogs get fed, repeat.

Thoughts, and a cat in a bag

So it's been a while since I blogged, O readers. I suppose I really should toss another entry onto the old Anne's Randomness, if only to ensure that January of 2016 doesn't pass without a few words from me. Hey look, an entry! And it has words in it! Well, that wraps that up. I'm done, O readers, th-th-th-that's all folks, see you next time...

No, I'm kidding. There's going to be more than that. And given that it's Wednesday, there really should be a rant on the subject of Why Do I Work Here.

Keeping it clean

Today is the very first Wednesday of 2016, and you know what that means, don't you, O readers? That's right! It's Why Do I Work Here Wednesday on the blog of Anne B. Walsh! In which, if you're wondering what that's about, I report the latest shenanigans of my "beloved" employer, which I call Glass Bathroom Bank, and my reaction thereto.

Management at GBB recently decided that too much money is being spent on custodial services. So starting next month, all desk trash cans will be removed.

Wanted: one mouse

Anyone who follows my Facebook page (or should I say, who's been able to follow my Facebook page lately, with all the uproar about down-time over the last few days) will know about the fun I had on Monday with the request system at Glass Bathroom Bank, trying to fulfill what seemed like a simple order. Namely, a new mouse.

To recap, for anyone who hasn't seen the story: I used the form within the request system labeled "Mouse" to request a new mouse for an employee I support.

Water, water everywhere, and other things that go wrong at the office

This past Monday was more than usually interesting at dear old Glass Bathroom Bank (name changed to protect the terminally embarrassed), so I thought I would hop onto the blog at my first convenience, which happened to be today, to document it. If you don't laugh, you'll cry, and one of those is far more acceptable behavior at the office.

For instance, I discovered on Monday morning that significant traffic backups on one of the main artery roads into Pittsburgh now begin before 6:30 AM.

The finding of the phone

Greetings, O readers! We haven't had a Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post for a while, and I've got quite a story to tell you today. I can't say that working at Glass Bathroom Bank is never dull, because there are some rather lengthy periods of boredom involved in most days, but I will say that I never know what to expect.

Today's story begins with a coworker I will call Barb, a very nice older lady, who came to my desk this afternoon upset because she could not find her cell phone.

Are you sure?

Once upon a time, or so I've been told, if you wanted to work in an office, it was actually a requirement that you had to be able to read. Not only that, but you were required to comprehend what you read, draw conclusions from it, make decisions based on those conclusions, and communicate those decisions to your coworkers.

Judging by my experiences, both today and over the past few years of working here at Glass Bathroom Bank, these requirements no longer exist. Which is a pity. My job would be so much easier if they did.

What it should be like

"Is the workplace not supposed to be insane?" I asked my coworker a few minutes ago, while we were discussing the fact that a full half of my floor's conference rooms are now being used as semi-permanent seating areas for outside consultants. "I've never worked anywhere else, so I really wouldn't know how to deal with sanity..."
But then again, maybe I would. Certainly I could deal with it quite nicely if a rash of adulthood and politeness suddenly broke out among my many managers!

Space wars: no new hope

Maybe a couple days behind time for that title (vos vobiscum, everybody), but it's still valid. Greetings, O readers, and welcome once more to Why Do I Work Here Wednesday. Today's topic, as the title might indicate, is space, or rather lack of space, on the floor of the Glass Bathroom Bank office tower which is my domain.
We have over 100 people sitting on my floor already, and you might think that this would be enough for any reasonable person. You would, sadly, be wrong.
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