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Think, think, think

As the Dangerverse winds towards its conclusion (and let me just say in passing, YIKES), I cannot help but wonder. Have I done all I could for you, O readers, these last ten years? Have I kept you excited to see what happened, intrigued by the secrets, contented with my twists on Harry Potter canon? In other words, how'm I doing?
The reason I ask is that the Dangerverse has a strong hold on my mind. So strong, in fact, that new stories often take DV shapes in my head without my intention.

Because I must

I thought for quite a while (nearly an hour, if we have to be technical) about the subject for my blog post today, my first informational post in quite a while, as opposed to my Fiction Friday short-short stories. I could give you the song and dance catching you up on my life, but not all that much has changed in the last few months.
Today being Trycanta Tuesday, I could give you the news on my progress on the next Tales of Anosir book. Always assuming I had such news to give. (Sadly I don't.

The cold never bothered me anyway

If only that were true... the weather does not appear to have gotten the memo that it is officially spring, and is merrily handing out winter temperatures and even some predicted snow for later today. While I greet snow with glee in November and December, by late March, I'd rather that it get out of the way and let in the spring.
But in any case -- brace yourselves, O readers -- today's blog post will be on the topic for the weekday! Yes, it's Trycanta Tuesday, and I have in fact been writing Trycanta!

Getting it wrong

No, that's not a warning sign of emo to come. I'm actually in an awfully good mood, especially considering what a blah day it was yesterday. No, what I want to discuss today is getting things wrong in writing -- how you can tell, what you can do afterwards, and why getting things wrong is really very right.
As Ms. Frizzle says, it's time to take chances! Make mistakes! Get messy! That's as true for a writer as it is for any experimenter, only our experiments don't tend to explode.

So I will

Have you ever seen the funny photos where a business's outdoor sign will say something along the lines of "My boss told me to change the sign so I did"? I'm feeling a little like that this morning. My brain's fuzzy, due to holiday and novel-publishing letdown plus lack of sleep, but my calendar told me to write a blog post, so I will.
Now, a fuzzy-brained Anne, plus one without direction to her blogging (since nothing is currently happening with Trycanta), tends to get emo.

Perfect day for it

One of our carols for the Lessons and Carols concert at my church (which I have jokingly fictionalized as Our Lady of the Mispronunciation, for reasons which would take a long time to explain) is called "The Snow Lay on the Ground". And good gravy, does it ever. At least two inches last night. The dogs are going crazy with joy.
Last night's snowfall, and the expected accumulation today (up to eight inches, some of the networks are saying), makes this an excellent day to discuss some of my upcoming works.

The Internet

It's really, really great. And not just for the things the song talks about. (For anyone who's lost, check my Twitter feed, or just go look up "Avenue Q". Not if you're easily offended, though.) It is, as my NaNoWriMo pep talks keep pointing out, both the most wonderful and the most awful thing to happen to writers in probably ever.
The Internet is wonderful because it puts loads of information right at a writer's fingertips, and some of it's even accurate. It's awful because of its easy access to procrastination.

Head. Desk. Repeat.

That is just the kind of day it is already being. From discovering why I should never take time off work (how can THAT MANY things go wrong in one day?!), to getting a review from someone who seems to be reading a different fanfic than I'm writing (Hermione apparently "obsesses" over Draco and "treats Ron like a dog")...
And now there's Twitter. It seems Twitter is the great key to social media success and every author should tweet at least twice a day! Except that my life isn't exactly tweet-worthy.

Deep breaths

My apologies for the somewhat grouchy tone of Sunday's post. As I said when starting this particular attempt at blogging, I've tried to keep my emo side down, but occasionally it gets away from me. Thanks to those who've made an effort to help out... unfortunately, fanfiction auto-deletes email addresses from reviews! Argh!
Moving back to happier things, which I can control: As I announced on Facebook yesterday, I've decided to add a bonus story to the combined Christmas volume, and YOU could star in it!

If it's not one day...

Apparently it's another... for missing weekend blog posts, that is. In my defense, I was sick enough on Sunday that I didn't even make it to Mass. Besides, what can I really tell you about the Dangerverse? It's at a scary point, you're all convinced I'm not doing what I appear to be, you've all got some really good reasons, and yet...
But today is Trycanta Tuesday, not Surpassing Sunday, and I did promise last week that I would tell you all about a certain project of mine which has been in the works, on and off, since 2006.
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