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The sea-bride, part two

As I said a few weeks ago, the continuation of the tale of Maeve and Richard Laverty was a story for another day...and that day is today! Yes, O readers, today is a first for Fiction Friday, as I look back to an earlier post and go on with the story of the courtship of Richard and Maeve. Only this time, the lady gets to speak for herself.
Will there be more of this same story after today's posting? Well, why don't you read to the end of what Maeve has to say, and then you tell me what you think.

Why I oughtta...

When one is an author with a day job, a house, and dependents, that sentence fragment has many endings, though none of them are quite the same as the original meaning of the phrase, namely, I am barely able to restrain myself from punching your face in. (Though after the morning I've been having at work... but I digress.)
My dependents happen to be four-legged and furry, but for this discussion, that's beside the point. They still need me, both materially and emotionally. In the same way, my house is fairly small, but it's still a house.

Excuses, excuses

I could give you all kinds of excuses for why I haven't been working very much on the proper topic for today's blog post. "Russian hackers" would be a good one, and might even be true. Based on the usage stats for my website, either my writing is super-popular in Russia or I'm a prime target for some kind of scam mechanisms.
A resurgence in my fanfic writing could also be to blame, though most of you are probably just as happy to see that, given the point we're approaching in DV.

Coming up for air

That's what it feels like to surface from one of my writing trances, you know. The verb is exact. I've been "underwater", immersed in a different medium than my usual surroundings, and now I have to re-acclimate to what's going on in the world around me. Which, in this case, is a blog post on the proper topic for the weekday, for once!
Yes, Glenscar fans, try and contain yourselves, no screaming, please, but the news is good. Slow, at the moment -- I only got about 500 words done today -- but definitely good.


Today's blog post title is a word of many meanings. In terms of a problem, most often it means that things have been fixed, that they are settled and no longer trouble. The use in story-terms is related to this, as the conflict of a tale winds its way to an answer, though not always a satisfactory one. And then there's the timely meaning.
I mean, of course, New Year's resolutions, most of which get broken by January 15, if they last so long. Resolved: that I will lose weight, clean the house, find a boyfriend, etc.

Lack of focus

Quite literally -- I woke up this morning and my head was so badly stuffed up that my left eye wouldn't focus. Four extra hours of sleep and two doses of cold medicine later, I'm somewhat better, but still groggy, fatigued, and disoriented. I hate calling off work, especially before my sick days have kicked in, but this time I couldn't help it.

The roommate has informed me via Twitter that being sick is no excuse for slacking on my Internet obligations. To her, I say :-P and best of luck getting sympathy from me next time!


I can just hear everybody going "Ga-what-now?" It's Latin, it's pronounced "gow-DAY-tay", and it's the plural command form of the verb "to rejoice". So everybody, be happy! In Roman Catholicism, it's the name given to the third Sunday of Advent, on which the priest wears pink robes and we light the pink candle on the Advent wreath.
Technically, the candle and robes are rose, but it's fun to tease the priest by calling them pink.

Writer at work

So today's blog topic, working with my usual weekday assignments, ought to be the Chronicles of Glenscar. But I've been heads-down in my sci-fi debut for the last several weeks, and haven't touched a Glenscar story since September. How am I supposed to write a blog post on something that I'm not currently working on?
Well, why don't I take some pieces from that universe, and the one I'm currently writing, and use them to talk about a common theme of mine: work, leisure, and the balance thereof?

Dry as...

As dust. As a bone. As the Sahara. As lots of things that are very, very dry (including all the ones that I will not write down here as I am attempting to make this a family-friendly blog wherever possible). That is how dry I am on the project I had said I was doing, and had intended to do, for National Novel Writing Month 2013. ARGH.
Those of you following my progress on my NaNo profile may be baffled by this. "But Anne, you have lots of words logged! You're days ahead!

Here we go again

Why must inspiration for one project always hit just as I'm gearing up to start another? Happy Halloween, by the way, everyone. I proved this morning that I can in fact clean up dog mess while wearing almost anything by scrubbing the floor in semi-full Faire garb. (I hadn't put my corset on yet, for which I'm most grateful!)
In any case, Halloween means National Novel Writing Month starts tomorrow. I've gone a bit off track with my Personal Novel Writing Month, though I did get the 2013 holiday special (mostly) done.
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