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Surpassing Sundays

Made-up Monday

Or in other words, Fiction Friday, even though Friday is long past. Which makes me sad because it means that the work week has started over and I will not have another weekend for five whole days! Well. Four and a half, by now. Still, weekends are much my preferred time, since they bring me the ability to do things on my own schedule.
How could this be achieved in the rest of the week, you ask, O readers? I think you already know. If and when I can make a living at writing, that's how. But I've said enough about that in other venues, and in this one in previous posts, and I should get on with telling you a story, since that's what I said I would do for my post today.


It seems, in my life, to be either all or nothing. Either I ignore almost everything in the world around me, do just the bare minimum of chores to get by, and write like the dickens, or I get quite a lot done around the house by means of ignoring the writing. Which is one reason why you, O readers, have not seen many chapters lately.

Another reason, sadly, is that my emotional state is still a bit precarious, and I'm approaching some very affecting moments in the main line of the Dangerverse. But then, what did you expect, when the next chapter in the

Twelve minutes

That being how long I have to write this blog post, since that is how late the programming on a certain channel is running. Yes, occasionally my life revolves around TV. It happens to the best of us.

In any case, things I have done today: Wash dishes. Sweep floors. Make blueberry oat scones and baked bows (like lasagna, but easier, since it uses farfalle pasta and there's no layering involved). Things I have not done today: Write. Post on Facebook. Tweet. And until right now, blog. You may be seeing a pattern here.

If you only knew

I spend a lot of time these days thinking that, or cackling it evilly and rubbing my hands together in glee. "If they only knew! If they only knew what I have planned!" The only problem is that a number of you, judging by your reviews, do know... this is the trouble with writing stories that appeal to smart people. My readers are, well, smart. 

Still, I do feel confident that very few of you have guessed everything. Which means that some of the twists and turns along the way will still surprise you, whoever you are.

Closer every day

Finishing things has always been harder for me than starting them. Starting has this great "oh boy, something new!" feeling to it, though the accompanying "uh-oh, something I haven't done before" can be terrifying. But finishing things is terrifying, worrisome, bittersweet, all at the same time, and it can really rattle me at times.

The closer I get to finishing the main Dangerverse, the more of the "finishing" feeling I get, especially as the big surprises I've been planning for so long come out of the box.

T-minus 5 days!

I'd hoped to have this post done yesterday, since that would have been the logical time to put it up, but a certain story refused to let itself be finished until about two o'clock this morning, by which time it was a little bit late for blogging. But two AM, two PM, or whatever time it happens to be for you, ladies and gentlemen, I am FINISHED!

My latest noveling effort will be released on November 29, 2013, Black Friday (for those of you who aren't American, that's the day after our Thanksgiving, which is this coming Thursday).


Someone asked me today in a review if I have ever considered posting the Dangerverse on Archive Of Our Own. While I have, I'm a bit hesitant, for a couple of reasons. First, unless I'm mistaken, AO3 is an HTML site, which means I would have to redo all the formatting, in all the chapters. That's a LOT of words to cover. 

But that's really only my knee-jerk response, which doesn't get to the root of my reluctance. AO3 is a site devoted to serious, important fan fiction. I don't consider that I write such.

The longest weekend

At least, unlike the now-hibernating roommate, I did not have to work the entire length of our choir's cabaret night, then go into work at midnight and stay until 5:30 AM, only to get up again at 8:45 and perform at two Masses (one with regular singing choir and one with handbell choir). Just the outside portions for me, thanks much!

Still, "just the outside portions" added up to quite a full day yesterday, which is why you didn't get your Sampler Saturday blog post. So, to make up for it, one combined Wacky Weekend post coming up!

Titles and troubles

Not to mention, a winner! I've performed the drawing for the reader-inspired bonus story for the holiday collection, and the winning tale is that of Crystal Lee, who's having trouble finding presents for her friends! Congrats to you, Madam Submitter -- I shall contact you shortly to work out more details and get the story underway!

Now, as promised, the listing of ALL remaining titles for the chapters in the main Dangerverse. I was a bit surprised by how quickly this came together, but I've had a lot of time to think about it.

My pet, Peeves

I've always thought it would be fun to name an animal that, just to see the double-takes people would do. At the moment, though, I am feeling slightly annoyed by a couple things. The only one I'll bother mentioning is people who ask questions in reviews, and seem to want answers... but have reviewed without bothering to sign in.

If you don't sign in, people, I have no way to find you. Are you using your own name from the site to review with? I can't know that, and I'm afraid I'm not up for sending a message on the chance.
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