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Sampler Saturdays

Of printers and playtime

Got farther with installing my Christmas-present printer than I have on previous occasions, mostly because the wireless network somehow got disabled on it when I was hooking it up in the first place. Still, it refuses to recognize my wireless network key as acceptable. Will try again in a few minutes, after I get done growling at it. 

In other news, it is time for Anne's exciting news to be revealed! Have you ever wished that you could become a character and step into my stories, O readers?

The more things change

So I got a new printer for Christmas. It's wireless! It should run on the same router that puts out a signal for the entire house! Except... it doesn't. The computer can't even tell it's there. And that's besides the installation disk sounding like a yeti clearing its throat. I'll get it cleared up, I'm sure, but for the moment it's very frustrating.

And then there was this morning. We took the little dog to his puppy class for the first time. He proceeded to ignore me for most of the hour and play too rough with another dog.

Netflix for books

That's how a website called Scribd (which I'm guessing is pronounced with a long I) has been described. You pay a flat fee, currently $8.99, for a month's worth of unlimited reading, anything in their library. Why do I bring it up? Because Smashwords, the indie publisher through which I reach non-Amazon sites, has just signed a deal with them.

Shipments of Smashwords e-books to Scribd are slated to begin in January. I'll keep you posted on exact timelines. For a writer like me, and readers like you, this seems awesome.

And the floor shakes

I'm in my bedroom blogging while the puppy-dogs romp out in the living room (the roommate is with them, preparing to watch the Army-Navy game). The floor shakes every time the dogs hit it together. I can only imagine what it's going to be like when the pup gets his full growth.

This will be a short post as there's not much going on in the world of Anne originals just now. Having just released a novel and a holiday collection, I think I deserve a bit of a break. Fan writing is going fairly well, but that's for tomorrow's post.

T-minus 5 days!

I'd hoped to have this post done yesterday, since that would have been the logical time to put it up, but a certain story refused to let itself be finished until about two o'clock this morning, by which time it was a little bit late for blogging. But two AM, two PM, or whatever time it happens to be for you, ladies and gentlemen, I am FINISHED!

My latest noveling effort will be released on November 29, 2013, Black Friday (for those of you who aren't American, that's the day after our Thanksgiving, which is this coming Thursday).

Nearly there!

Sitting here in my pretty bedroom with my purry stripy cat and my a capella Christmas music coming over my headphones (yes, I know it's early, but several of the songs make me think happily of certain stories that I have recently completed, huzzah!), I'm really quite content and feel like sharing some of that contentedness with you.

So I shall tell you, on this Sampler Saturday, that if you have a section of bookshelf dedicated to the works of Anne B. Walsh, as some of my fans do, you will soon have two new entries!

The longest weekend

At least, unlike the now-hibernating roommate, I did not have to work the entire length of our choir's cabaret night, then go into work at midnight and stay until 5:30 AM, only to get up again at 8:45 and perform at two Masses (one with regular singing choir and one with handbell choir). Just the outside portions for me, thanks much!

Still, "just the outside portions" added up to quite a full day yesterday, which is why you didn't get your Sampler Saturday blog post. So, to make up for it, one combined Wacky Weekend post coming up!

Of purrs and presents

The purrs, as you might guess, come from the stripy laprug currently in possession of the top half of my legs. Her name is Sesame. Her sister Poppy is lounging on my bed. (One's brown tabby and white, one's black and white, and we had bagels on their first day home. Free association took over and now we have cats named after seeds.) 

The presents... well, those are from me to you, and from you back to me. My 2013 holiday special, and the combined special from 2012 and 2013, are now available for pre-order on my Etsy site!

Celebrations of all sorts

As I stole a bit of Thursday's rambling blog post to say, yesterday (or today, depending on which version of the website you believe) was the ninth birthday of the Dangerverse. To celebrate the occasion, I posted a horribly evil little chapter in which awful things seem to happen... but did they? You'll have to keep reading to find out!

Moving onto today's topic, I've just finished proofing the revised copy of my 2012 Christmas special (it had a few little mistakes which had slipped past me last year) and approving the file for print.

Overall unevenness

I got a lot done this week, writing, cleaning, taking care of dogs. Unfortunately, now that it is the weekend, my body has decided that nothing else shall be done except grabbing tissues and fighting to stay awake. Krystal had some kind of bug the last two days and it looks like it's successfully made the leap over to me...

I promised updates on the Sampler Saturday stuff, and updates you shall have, but much further than that this post will not go. I do apologize for the on-and-off nature of things, but such is life.
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