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Anne's Randomness

Random Rambles

Oops, story, and vacation

Well, that was unexpected. Please do pardon the VERY long gap between posts, O readers! An awful lot of things happened, most of which you already know if you're a follower of my Facebook page, so I won't bore you, but yes, here I am again, ready to charm and delight you (or startle and fright you) on the blog of Anne's Randomness! 

Among the things that happened were some medical issues, which seem to be (slooowwly) resolving themselves, and, at last, some WRITING! Not just writing, but writing of new originals!

My life and other strange things

Happy February, O readers! Did the groundhog see his shadow yesterday? I didn't check. Things are rather quiet around here, although I do have a few funny work-related stories to relate on this Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, but overall life is going smoothly. Cross my fingers, knock on wood, click my heels, and all the rest of it.

I'm by myself in the house for the next few days, as the roommate has to go visit her family, but it's not like that is going to pose any huge problems. The dogs go out, the dogs come in, the dogs get loved, the dogs get fed, repeat.

Thoughts, and a cat in a bag

So it's been a while since I blogged, O readers. I suppose I really should toss another entry onto the old Anne's Randomness, if only to ensure that January of 2016 doesn't pass without a few words from me. Hey look, an entry! And it has words in it! Well, that wraps that up. I'm done, O readers, th-th-th-that's all folks, see you next time...

No, I'm kidding. There's going to be more than that. And given that it's Wednesday, there really should be a rant on the subject of Why Do I Work Here.

Water, water everywhere, and other things that go wrong at the office

This past Monday was more than usually interesting at dear old Glass Bathroom Bank (name changed to protect the terminally embarrassed), so I thought I would hop onto the blog at my first convenience, which happened to be today, to document it. If you don't laugh, you'll cry, and one of those is far more acceptable behavior at the office.

For instance, I discovered on Monday morning that significant traffic backups on one of the main artery roads into Pittsburgh now begin before 6:30 AM.

Working while petting cats

I'm sure you've heard of WWJD, What Would Jesus Do. But have you discovered WWPC, Working While Petting Cats? That big news I've been promising you finally came to pass, O readers. I have been approved by my boss to try out telecommuting one to two days a week, and my first day in the wonderful world of working remotely was today!

Now if you read my blog's randomness regularly, or pay attention to my Facebook randomness, you may be thinking this news is a tad bit overdue.

I'm baaack!

So I wanted to write a blog post on the occasion of my returning to work after my glorious and much needed ten days of vacation. Usually I am able to write and put up said posts at work, but apparently while I was out of the office my employer figured out I was doing so, and my blog site has now been blocked from my work computer.

I can’t blame them. I am, after all, here to work. It’s just that my work is episodic, with short periods of high activity and then breaks. Lots of breaks. And one can only organize one’s desk so often before one’s brain starts to implode.

Dear graduates

So this past Saturday, the ninth of May, I got to see my younger brother graduate from college. He didn't know until he went to pick up his cap and gown that his final semester's grades had bumped him up from cum laude to magna cum laude, so my mother cried happy tears when that announcement was made along with his name.
Today's blog post is what I'd like to tell him, and everyone else who's graduating or starting something big in their lives, in the form of an open letter.

How to feel old in one easy lesson

As anyone who's been around the Anne B. Walsh fandom for a while can tell you, O readers, I'm not really all that old. Matter of fact, I'm approaching what I've heard called the prime of my life. But I have discovered a surefire way to feel ancient, literally overnight. Packing the house full of college girls will do it every time.
How it happened: a couple years back, my choir director went to hear a concert at the college one of his former music students now attends, and he was impressed.

Door. Latvian Door.

Yes, the silliness is back! Sorry for missing Fiction Friday, O readers. I had one of my lovely migraines, triggered by stress, weather, stress, tiredness, stress... you get the idea. Migraines are less about pain for me these days and more about balance issues, vision disruption, fatigue, and the inability to concentrate. Not a whole lot of fun.
But in any case, I survived it, and I'm going to make it up to you today with an exceptionally silly Made-Up Monday, along with some good writing news!

The continuing adventures of Mr. Latvian Door

So apparently being Mr. Latvian Door is not enough for my troublesome brother. He also has to be a hero. I'm getting the feel of kids' books here, along the lines of the Captain Underpants series: "Mr. Latvian Door and the Dancing Pineapple". "Mr. Latvian Door and the Driving Lessons". And then there's Mr. Latvian Door's sidekick...
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our story begins with Mr. Latvian Door at one of his favorite places, namely, church.
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