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Throughout time, across cultures, the idea of sisters has always been an important one. In mythology, groups of sisters often hold great power. Think of the Muses and the Fates, or the Furies and the Sirens, in Greek mythology. In more recent terms, many fairy tales revolve around sisters, or even more often, stepsisters.

The tellers of tales knew, long before the modern soap opera was ever dreamed of, that families make for drama, and blended families more than most. Just consider Cinderella, and her Wicked Stepmother and Ugly Stepsisters.

What you should know

Hello again, O readers! I know it must be surprising, getting two blog posts from me within a week, after such a long silence. Consider it either something extra to be thankful for, since Thanksgiving is celebrated this Thursday in the United States, or Christmas (or other wintry holiday of your choice) coming early, as you please.

Two-parter today, first a refresher course on where and how you can find books by Anne, in all their various formats, and then a Made-Up Monday story for you as well!

Where your treasure is, part 3

The weekend is over, the workday beckons, but before that, why not take a little fictional break with me? Good morning, O readers, and welcome to another Made-Up Monday! Also Make-Up Monday, if you will, since I missed a couple of Fiction Fridays and am therefore making up for that (get it, get it?) with dual posts for two weeks.

It was quite a wild weekend here, with a lot of emotional highs and lows, although I'm still waiting for the results on one particular question involving writing. I know I've been very mysterious about this, and thank you for being patient with me.

Where your treasure is, part 1

Once again, O readers, I'm back! Life does not like me lately, but I suppose everyone has stretches of tough times, even if this feels a bit tougher than usual. I'm alive and well, as is the other human and the animals. The house is sound, the lights are on, and there's food in the fridge and pantry. So I'll get through the rest of it somehow.

Since part of the toughness of the times is that my inner critic is being nastier than usual about new words on the page, I'll be dipping into the archives.

The third tale

So contrary to popular opinion, O readers, I am not dead. It's hot enough here that I'm very frustrated, given my house's lack of air conditioning, and the office has been its own kind of frustrating lately (seven-day migraine, anyone?), but things are looking up a bit and therefore I can once again get into the swing of blogging! Welcome back!

Most of the things that happen around here are small, enjoyable but not earth-shattering, like the cats delivering their "prey" of fuzzy slippers to my rug.

The most incredible thing, part 5

Surprise! Happy Made-Up Monday, O readers! You've all been so appreciative of my latest fictional endeavors that I thought I'd give you the next installment of "The Most Incredible Thing" a few days early. Besides it being good practice for me to get my daily words done, it's my way of kicking back against the frustrations of daily life.
Yes, the job is frustrating me again. When doesn't it? Today was particularly bad, however, so as my way of getting my own back, I've taken time to write.

Door. Latvian Door.

Yes, the silliness is back! Sorry for missing Fiction Friday, O readers. I had one of my lovely migraines, triggered by stress, weather, stress, tiredness, stress... you get the idea. Migraines are less about pain for me these days and more about balance issues, vision disruption, fatigue, and the inability to concentrate. Not a whole lot of fun.
But in any case, I survived it, and I'm going to make it up to you today with an exceptionally silly Made-Up Monday, along with some good writing news!

Merry and bright

Warning! Warning! The Made-Up Monday post for today contains Dangerverse spoilers! If you have not finished reading the Dangerverse, and you do not wish to be spoiled for what takes place in the final chapters, turn back now! This is your only warning. Read further at your own risk, and brace yourselves for emotional impact!
Am I being a little silly about this? Well, yes. But it's me. Why would you expect anything other than silliness, especially when it comes to the Dangerverse?

So shall you reap

Today sees the establishment of the final piece of my weekday themed series, that is, Made-Up Monday. I shall do my best to have either this or Fiction Friday every week, and some weeks you might just get lucky and have both of them. Does that sound good, O readers? I certainly hope so. The more I write, the better my skills get.
While I wasn't able to write you another installment of "The Sea-Bride", today's story is indeed from the Chronicles of Glenscar, and falls after "Qui Sola Ambulat".
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