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Hello again, O readers! I know it must be surprising, getting two blog posts from me within a week, after such a long silence. Consider it either something extra to be thankful for, since Thanksgiving is celebrated this Thursday in the United States, or Christmas (or other wintry holiday of your choice) coming early, as you please.

Two-parter today, first a refresher course on where and how you can find books by Anne, in all their various formats, and then a Made-Up Monday story for you as well!

News! News!

So yesterday at my church, which I jokingly call Our Lady of the Mispronounciation, we held our annual Lessons and Carols service. Bible readings about the promised
Messiah and the birth of Jesus, choral pieces to go with each one, a couple of carols for everyone. Very beautiful and very moving, if very labor-intensive for the choir.
After the service, the roommate and I helped clean up, and found something which led to this little gem: "So, what should we do with this basket of money?

Stolen cub, part two (and one quarter)

What does the one quarter have to do with anything, besides the obvious possibilities in the direction of pun? (Since tomorrow is Abet and Aid Punsters Day. Look it up.) Well, one quarter, in American currency, will buy you two stories in my latest e-book, a collection of Fiction Friday posts. Not that it's available by the piece, sadly.
Could you go back through the blog here and find all the Fiction Friday and Made-Up Monday posts, and copy their text into your own e-book?

Of music and martyrs

Seem like an odd title for a blog post? Well, the church I attend, and in which I am active in the music ministry, is named for a third-century martyr. Ta-da! I will not reveal the name of said martyr, but we have an ongoing, mostly joking, feud over how to say it. Thus, I fictionalize the parish as "Our Lady of the Mispronunciation".
We had our parish feast day recently, and sang a hymn about our patron saint, for which I am both proud and embarrassed to say that I supplied new lyrics.

Cats, naps, and tips

A bit of a random blog post title, but then, this will be a bit of a random blog post. I know: shock and awe! A random blog post? From someone who has called her entire blog "Anne's Randomness"? How amazing! Well, yes, but this post will be even more random than usual. You have been warned. Don't say you weren't.
First on the list of random topics: cats! After a suitable period of grieving for our much-loved Poppy and Sesame, we've decided it's time to move on. If all goes as planned, we will be bringing home a pair of pretty black sister-felines named Starsky and Hutch this very weekend.

Common sense

That is, the quantity which should inform people that sticking a finger into an electrical outlet, pretending to fall off the edge of a canyon, and eating five double cheeseburgers and three large orders of fries in an hour are all unwise things to do. Sadly, judging by the evidence, there is nothing less common in this world.
I can't recall what brought this to mind as a possible blog topic for the day, but now that I'm well started on it, O readers, you wouldn't want to stop me, would you?

Logic and logistics

I thought I perhaps should devote a post to the mechanics of obtaining an Anne B. Walsh original, both e-book and paperback, since a great many people have been asking. So, O readers, this one's for you! Nice, clear directions, in an easy-to-read format, and if it's popular I might just scoot it over onto the main website!
Which is not to say I haven't been writing. I have. The writing is just very slow, and not, perhaps, in the places that most of you (and I!) would prefer that it be.
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