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Fiction Fridays

We're back!

We being, of course, Fiction Friday and I. Take a bow, Friday. And now me. Greetings, O readers! It's been an exciting month since last I blogged, featuring such delights as plumbing disasters, falling pieces of ceiling, dogs who need pills (cream cheese helps), humans who need pills (just some water, thanks), and... wait for it... writing.

Now, by writing, I don't mean only the silly, all-for-me stuff I tend to crank out during NaNoWriMo. Though I'm doing that too. No, I mean actual readable writing.

Where your treasure is, part 4

Happy Fiction Friday, for once on its proper day, O readers! Today's selection is the last part of "Where Your Treasure Is", and should explain both why I chose that title (for a hint, try finishing the quotation) and what is the point of this particular snippet in the overarching story universe. One intelligent reader has already hit on it.

A bit of explanation is due to anyone who is not familiar with Regency romances and other historicals set around that same time in the British Isles.

Where your treasure is, part 2

Happy Fiction Friday, O readers! If you're looking at the time this was posted a little askance, well, you're right. Technically I should be on my way to work. But Friday traffic is always pretty light, and I don't really have to be at my desk until 7:45, so I'm going to give morning posting a shot and see if it solves the "I'm too tired" problem.

I have been tired the last few weeks and months, tired of a lot of things, which is why the postings both here and on Facebook have been sporadic and slow.

The prophecy

Greetings, O readers, and my apologies that this post is late! The way in which my website handles blog posts seems to have changed, and it took me a while to figure that out. Still, here we are, and I've got some words of writing for you, though it is no longer Fiction Friday, or even Sampler Saturday, as I used to call those posts.

As I type this, a cat is loving my legs, and I can hear dogs being rowdy. We had pancakes for breakfast, and will be leaving for Mass in just over an hour.

The visible royals

Good day to you, O readers! The email I've been waiting for still hasn't arrived, which has me in a bit of a grouchy mood, but I'm working to overcome that with various forms of coping, such as petting cats, chasing dogs, watching baseball, cooking dinner, washing dishes, sweeping floors, what am I forgetting here? Oh yes. Writing stories.

I'm not going to make any grand promises here, but I haven't forgotten that I now owe my Patreon followers bi-weekly chapters of fanfiction, where possible.

But, my darling, when I think of thee

Another week survived at the office, O readers, and Fiction Friday has come around again. I owe my Patreon patrons a chapter or two of fan fiction, and am hoping to be able to make good on that over the weekend, but at the moment my body doesn't like me very much, so I'm having a hard time concentrating on things like writing.

I was, however, able to get inspired by thinking of a folk song I've often enjoyed in the past, and today's Fiction Friday piece was the result of that inspiration.

The clumsy servant

As promised, O readers, Fiction Friday right on time! Well, maybe a little later than usual, but there were steamed dumplings and dogs to pet out in the main room, and after one incredibly frustrating week at work, I needed the relaxation. Now I shall share relaxation with you, and I hope that you will share your happiness with me!

Today's Fiction Friday is yet another in my semi-endless fairy tale retellings, and harks back to some of the lesser-known plot twists of the original Snow White.

The Highwayman, part deux

If you are a fan of history and romance, you have probably encountered Alfred Noyes's poem "The Highwayman", or the musical version sung by Loreena McKennit. It is about (surprise, surprise ) a highwayman, along with the girl he loves, Bess, the landlord's daughter, and (spoiler alert!) tells the story of their tragic deaths.

Maybe I'm just not romantic, but when I first read this poem as a sophomore in high school, I was struck mostly by the total stupidity of the title character.

Ad mediam noctem

Not used to getting blog posts so close together anymore, are you, O readers? I'm sorry about that. These last couple months haven't been the best time for me. But you knew that, and I'm working on getting back on track, thanks to yesterday's news (YAY for working from home!) and a few other things that are making life easier to handle.

The title of today's Fiction Friday post means roughly "until midnight", but we're not following quite the same plotline as usual in this little story.

Daniela's Curse

Quite a week it's been, O readers. Not as bad as it has been, but still frustrating enough that I took today off when I hadn't thought I was going to, due to my starting to lose patience with the workplace to a dangerous degree. Well, and because I spent last night out at a friend's house and didn't get home until nearly 11. But I digress.

In any case, we interrupt what has been a Fiction Friday series to bring you a random bit of fun that popped into my head courtesy of a couple different sources.
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