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What it should be like

"Is the workplace not supposed to be insane?" I asked my coworker a few minutes ago, while we were discussing the fact that a full half of my floor's conference rooms are now being used as semi-permanent seating areas for outside consultants. "I've never worked anywhere else, so I really wouldn't know how to deal with sanity..."
But then again, maybe I would. Certainly I could deal with it quite nicely if a rash of adulthood and politeness suddenly broke out among my many managers! Greetings, O readers, and welcome to a somewhat atypical Why Do I Work Here Wednesday. Usually I have a story to tell about how crazy my workplace is. Today I think that I shall simply muse on what I wish my workplace could be like.
To start with, the people who work at my ideal place of employment clean up their own messes, whether that's in the breakroom, the bathroom, their desks, or the hallways. There are never piles of soggy leaves and flower petals clogging the drain, food particles covering the bottom of the sink or the inside of the microwave, or smears of coffee and creamer all over the countertop.
More than that, these people demonstrate the behavior of reasonable, rational adults. If a sign has been posted for their information, they read it, and pay attention to it. If something in their immediate vicinity isn't working, they have a look at it to see if possibly they know how to fix it, or could use the pictorial and verbal instructions provided to figure out how. If something doesn't go their way, they accept that and offer suggestions as to other paths that could be taken.
The infrastructure systems at this ideal workplace, the systems by which one requests that other systems be set up, taken down, fixed, etc? They work. They work within the time limits that they themselves have set, and if something gets hung up along the way, the person who requested that service is able to see who has their work, and to contact that person and ask for an update.
Finally, employees' job descriptions are readily available, and make sense when compared to the actual work they're asked to do on a daily basis. If something needs to be added, the employee is consulted first, to make sure that they can handle the new duties. Training is provided for those new duties, or when new systems are rolled out to replace old ones, and flexible work arrangements are available to all employees whose work can reasonably be done from another location at least part of the time.
A pipe dream? An impossible Nirvana? Maybe. But a girl can dream.
Thanks as always, O readers. Fiction Friday's coming up... hmm. Wonder what I should give you this week. Any requests?

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NotACat on Wednesday, May 13, 2015 8:58 AM
Sounds lovely, when can I join you? Oh, it's not actually real? :-(
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cassandraia on Thursday, May 14, 2015 2:05 PM
Such offices do least as far as people behaving like adults and cleaning up after themselves/reading signs. Lest you believe this is an urban legend (my cousin's sister-in-law's stepmother's brother saw one once!) I have (joyous rapture!) even worked in one myself. Unfortunately, people displaying such behavior may be restricted to those who are not under pressure to find/keep their workspace, and/or people whose primary business is...not business. (The people I worked with who had such apparently extraordinary good manners as to obey posted instructions and not make messes were researchers inhabiting a not-entirely-full office building. I suspect that the general peace was a byproduct of the people not arriving with the expectation of single offices or anyone to do office chores for them-- in short, people arriving from academia rather than a corporate environment. This is, however, a sample size of one section within a single company. Make of it what you will.)
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