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Space wars: no new hope

Maybe a couple days behind time for that title (vos vobiscum, everybody), but it's still valid. Greetings, O readers, and welcome once more to Why Do I Work Here Wednesday. Today's topic, as the title might indicate, is space, or rather lack of space, on the floor of the Glass Bathroom Bank office tower which is my domain.
We have over 100 people sitting on my floor already, and you might think that this would be enough for any reasonable person. You would, sadly, be wrong. We have a constant stream of visitors from out of town, all of them wanting seats. Some of them are kind enough to call or email ahead, so that I can put up a nice sign on one of our empty cubicles which looks like this:
Sample reservation sign for cubicle
Obviously, we don't actually have one of my characters coming to visit us, but you get the idea. In any case, you might, once again, think that this sign would be nice and clear to anybody whose name is not on it that they cannot have this seat for those dates. And you would, once again, be very wrong.
I have had people scratch out the names printed on those signs and write in their own names. I have had people simply take down those signs because "I'm a manager and I deserve this seat". I have had people come to me to evict squatters from our conference rooms (two of which are already in permanent use as seating areas) so that they can hold their duly scheduled meetings there. And then, there was today.
Today, I had a very nice lady come to me a little confused, because the cube I had reserved for her had someone else's belongings in it. When I contacted the team of the other person involved, I was informed that "well, we didn't see a 'reserved' sign on that cube, so he just sat down there". I went down to check on this and here is what I found:
Cubicle with reserved sign
Now I don't know about you, but I think the sign on that cube is about as big and obvious as I can make it on one standard piece of paper. Do they want a banner? A string of caution tape? Flashing lights and sirens?
I don't know what to do anymore. I started this job with the understanding that the people around me could read English with at least moderate comprehension, had reasonable attention spans, and cared enough about their jobs to follow through on requests. Two and a half years in, and I've started carefully recording each and every move I make just so I can prove that I've done my side of the job, because my load of employees to support has more than quadrupled, our infrastructure systems are crumbling by the day, and my "service partners" seem more interested in passing the buck than anything else.
I'm informed that our space crunch, at least, will ease when the new building downtown is done. The new building is scheduled to be done in September. I wonder how some of these people would feel if they were hungry and told that there would be plenty of food available in September, but that no one was interested in helping them until then?
Ah well. Off to get more tea (though I should probably cut back, given that last night was my second night in a row of not being able to fall asleep until 1 AM). Thanks for listening to the gripes and grumbles, and I'll have a lovely creepy story for you on Fiction Friday!
The Latin in the first paragraph, if you're wondering, means "May the Force be with you". The correct response is Et cum spiritu tuo, "and with your spirit", or more colloquially, "and also with you". (Who, me, a Catholic geek? Whatever would give you that idea?)

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NotACat on Wednesday, May 06, 2015 1:05 PM
I'm seeing a certain amount of commonality between some of your coworkers and some of your reviewers…the lack of comprehension of basic English, the lack of anything resembling common sense…
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