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What I really want

Happy Administrative Professionals Day, O readers! Even if you're not an administrative professional yourself (read: secretary), you probably know one, or rely on one, so be sure to wish them a happy day and maybe give them an extra smile, or a hug, or something nice. It doesn't always have to be huge to be appreciated hugely.
The gifts I've received so far from my many bosses are quite nice, but they do reveal to me that possibly I talk a little too much about what I like to do. Behold what I was handed as my boss hurried off to one of his many, many meetings today:
Chocolate and gift cards
Underneath the cute card with all the cartoon animals saying "thanks", if you think you see a box of chocolate, you do indeed. It is in fact a one-pound slab of dark chocolate, pre-scored for my convenience. Between the two we have gift cards to Amazon and Petsmart. There will be happy dogs and cats, and even happier humans, at my house tonight.
But what I really want at my job doesn't fit in an envelope or a gift bag, or even in a paycheck (though that's always helpful!). The material gifts are greatly appreciated, to be sure, but if you really want to make me happy and give me what I want, O bosses, how about:
* The courtesy of answering my emails and phone calls and instant messages, especially the ones asking for information from you so that I can fulfill your requests, in a timely fashion (or even at all).
* A clear definition of what is and isn't my job, and where I can go for answers on the things that aren't mine to do. Also the expectation that other people will get me those answers, or otherwise do their own jobs, in a timely manner and not force me to chase them down and beg on bended knee for the bits of information I need to do my work.
* The understanding that "pushing" for your work to get done faster than everyone else's, unless someone is slacking or refusing service, is basically workplace bullying and just as unacceptable here as it was in school. Ditto to dumping your work on someone else's desk or simply ignoring it until someone else picks it up because it needs to get done.
* Working systems with which to perform the many tasks that make up my job, which also have a reasonable expectation of being repaired/improved within a span of time that can be measured in days or weeks rather than months or years.
But that's too much to ask, isn't it? It's certainly more than most people have. I ought to be grateful I have a job at all, and really, I am. It's just that stress-induced migraines and back spasms, with the new added bonus of lower abdominal pain, can make gratitude a little difficult at times.
Oh well. Happy Admin Professionals Day anyway. Now to ruin several dozen people's days by kicking them out of the room they'd reserved for their meetings, because the federal regulators are coming to town...

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Kaylee-Lyrri & Donut on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 11:58 AM
Happy Admin Professionals Day, Anne! *hugs* You are, of course, our very favourite :) Big slab of dark chocolate? I'm jealous :) But you do deserve all the nice cards and presents - although even more, you deserve to have your bosses listen to you and actually be sensible for once. I'm assuming the higher ups at G.B.B. just don't have that kind of sense at their disposal, or else don't know how to utilize it, though, which is horrid. I'm sorry. *hugs again* Donut: Fish? *pushes a tuna sandwich in a bag across Anne's desk* Well, that's Donut's idea of a good lunch. (And mine, too, though I prefer my tuna with cheese...*sigh* If only Togo's delivered, I don't actually HAVE tuna in the house right now, who knows where Donut found it.) Anyway, have a good lunch and a happy day, as well as a happy Earth Day. Much love to you, dear Anne Panther, from your devoted Lyrri and Donut. :)
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NotACat on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 12:52 PM
No, actually it sounds like you're asking for just about enough!
Now to ruin several dozen people's days by kicking them out of the room they'd reserved for their meetings, because the federal regulators are coming to town…
Extra bonus points if it turns out that they should have booked through you, in which case they would have been warned about the clash, but they didn't: BWAHAHA AHAHA AHA!!!
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Geoffrey on Wednesday, April 22, 2015 9:44 PM
It sounds like you're really good at what you do. Which, of course, is to get people to do what they were supposed to do without you anyways.

Also, software. Growl. I sympathize. Banks have infamously bad software departments; but if they had good IT, they wouldn't need have the things you do. So consider that part of your job is to be the human interface for your bosses -- a kind of buffer between them and the really bad software your company provides for getting things done.

Well... I hope it isn't all bad. And I hope the bully's learn a lesson or two real soon, because that's pretty bad behavior.

Oh, and good luck. Hope to hear from you again on Friday!
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