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Next verse, same as the first

Why do I work here? Oh, that's right. Those pesky little things called bills. Welcome, O readers, to yet another installment of Why Do I Work Here Wednesday! Today's topic: why the technology department needs to learn to read, or, "we sent your form to the wrong team and it's been rejected but that's not our problem, do it over again".
If I ever need a prototype for writing about frustrating bureaucracy, the process of getting software and access here at Glass Bathroom Bank would do it. The system in which we are to perform these requests was recently "upgraded". The quotes around that word are necessary because the new system is harder to use, harder to understand, and far less transparent than the old system was. Once a request goes in, there is literally no way to find out who is handling it until an email comes with (usually) a rejection notice.
Now please understand that in most cases, I'm not blaming our technology team, not the people who have to fulfill these requests. This new system was as much of a surprise to them as it was to us, and they were given exactly as much training on it (that is, none at all).
Still, when I put in the comments of a please-order-software form that the employee needs a new license for software they are already using, and the form is rejected because "employee already has software"... yes, I know. I said that. Their license is expiring and they need a new one. I said that too. "Oh, I didn't see that. Well, that's not my department and this form's been canceled anyway. Fill out a new form and make it clearer in the comments what you need. Have a nice day!"
I suppose I shouldn't be whining. After all, it could be a lot worse. I could be expected to perform heavy physical labor. *looks over at large boxes of coffee and cups, along with 50-lb boxes of paper, which need to be hauled around the floor to the spots where they'll be used* Or I could be supporting some inordinate number of needy, oblivious employees. *checks off #100 on her seating chart for this floor, which doesn't count the 40 or so out-of-towners she also supports* Or...
Oh, never mind. The day job is frustrating, and while it certainly could be worse, it could also be a WHOLE lot better. And promises that things will improve in June, or in September, or by next January, really aren't that helpful right now, when my department has twice as many open positions to fill as I have available seats to put those people in. Still, I know I'll get it done.
If I don't crack and run screaming into the street first.
At least I'm storing up material for years to come.
Thanks, as always, for reading! Another installment of "The Most Incredible Thing" will be posted on Fiction Friday, and if you haven't and you're able to, please consider pledging at my Patreon page! Just $1 a post, which comes out to between $3 and $5 a month, could help make a lot of my dreams come true. Plus you get free silly drabbles from me, or even more fun rewards at higher pledging levels!

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NotACat on Wednesday, April 01, 2015 1:16 PM
I feel your pain, having had to deal with Government-generated forms for lo these many years. They keep changing the layout, adding and subtracting things, and our software has to adapt accordingly. Even better, there are two Forms which on the surface are closely related: they are however governed by separate divisions who do not seem to discuss changes and thus are perpetually out of step with each other!!!
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