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Hey, look at that! I'd written on the Facebook page that I wouldn't be able to put up the Fiction Friday blog post until later today, but some days it's nice to be wrong. Sorry for not posting at all this past week, by the by, O readers. Light-sensitive migraines are nobody's friend, especially when they are caused or worsened by stress.
But in any case, my head feels better now, my vision has stopped distorting, and my balance is back to normal, which means I can do a certain amount of writing. I can't guarantee what universe that writing will be in, but for today, at least, I have been inspired to work on my Frozen fanfic, "Worthy Queen of Greatness". A full new chapter of it will be going up later today (I mean this one), and today's Fiction Friday post is a snippet from further down the line, introducing one of my OC's for the story.
If you were hoping for more Mr. Latvian Door, well, join the line behind the man (or the door) himself, who is surely quite disappointed that I haven't continued chronicling his adventures with his Super-Pup friend. As a hint, though, his next contact will be called The Cameraman, and the one after that will be named Gemma, with her own Super Dogs to be Olaf's new friends!
Yes, I'm strange and silly. If you didn't know that by now, this is your official warning. Please enjoy this little piece of story, pop on over to fanfiction or fanficauthors to read the new chapter of "Worthy Queen of Greatness" later on today, and I hope to see you again soon! Oh, and I do disclaim the little quotation from a certain song, you'll know the lines I mean...
The mountain lay silent under its blanket of snow, ever-shifting lights tracing colorful paths through the sky. Snow drifted, swirled into patterns, then parted to reveal the tiny figure of a small girl dressed in blue, her ice-blonde hair braided into a crown and her eyes as bright as the Aurora Borealis. Princess Elsa, playing temporary truant from a family camping trip meant to celebrate her mastery of her powers and the imminent reopening of the palace gates after three years of solitude by the royal family of Arendelle, waved an imperious hand to waft the snowflakes about herself, in imitation of the patterns glowing above her.
"The snow glows white on the mountain tonight, not a footprint to be seen," she whispered, spinning in place and whipping a funnel into being. "A kingdom of ice-olation..." She giggled at her own pun. "And it looks like I'm the queen!" Stopping short, she flung her hands above her head, sending pinwheels of snow spiraling high into the air.
"Impressive," said a voice from behind her.
Elsa squeaked in shock and spun to face the interloper, a handful of icicles sprouting in her right palm, ready to throw.
"Hey, watch it!" protested the speaker, dodging to one side. "You could put somebody's eye out with those things!"
"You're..." Elsa blinked to clear her eyes and looked again. "You're a talking bear!"
"Yeah, so?" The half-grown white bear sat up, shaking snow out of his fur. "You're a girl shooting ice out of her hands."
"Fair point." Elsa allowed the icicles to shrink back into her palm. "How did you learn to talk?"
"How did you learn your powers?" the bear countered, nodding to her hands.
Elsa shrugged. "I can't really remember a time when I couldn't handle snow and ice."
"And I can't really remember a time when I couldn't talk. So, we're even." The bear huffed his breath upwards, clearing an errant bit of fur off his nose. "I liked the way you were making the snow dance with you. It looked almost like the wind during a strong storm, only it wasn't."
"Thanks." Swallowing her fear, the Princess held out one small hand. "I'm Elsa."
"Berni." A great, broad paw lifted to press gently against her palm. "Nice to meet you, Elsa. Or should I say Your Majesty, if you're the queen of the mountain?"
"I'm not really a queen." Elsa felt her cheeks warm slightly with a blush. "Not for a long time yet, I hope."
"Yet?" Berni drew back a little. "I beg your pardon, Your Highness. I shouldn't have bothered you."
"You aren't bothering me." Elsa shook her head. "I'm the one on your mountain, aren't I? If anything, I should apologize for bothering you. But I'd like it better if we didn't bother with apologies." She tried a smile, and saw an answering wrinkle through Berni's furred face. "If we could maybe just be friends."
"I think maybe we can." Berni nodded once. "Friends, then." He snickered once, the sound decidedly strange from something so large. "And we'll be even better friends if you happen to know where I could find some fish."
Elsa glanced back towards the camp where her parents and Anna slept, and the remains of the salmon dinner her mother had cooked over the campfire. "I might be able to get you some fish," she said with a small grin. "If you'll let me ride on your back."
"Deal." Berni crouched to allow Elsa to clamber onto his broad shoulders. "Your Highness."
In a swirl of snow, bear and princess were gone.

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