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Why I do work here

Greetings, O readers. If you have been around Anne's Randomness for a while, you may be expecting a Why Do I Work Here Wednesday post today, full of humorous grumping about the state of my workplace. And I could do that, as the stories have certainly not stopped coming. But I think perhaps, just for today, I will not do that.
It's not that it's stopped being funny that the manager of a department of five employees doesn't recognize the "out of paper" symbol on the printer. Or that the most important office supply we have, judging by the number of complaints I get when we run low, is the coffee. But while I do often need to let off steam and share my tired and rueful amusement with you, O readers, today things are a little different.
I can't put my finger on why I'm not feeling like my usual self. Nothing's really changed around here. I wish things would change, but wishing doesn't solve anything. Our systems are still old and difficult to use, the managers are still demanding and convinced they're right, but just for today, I'm feeling a little more like I make a difference.
Maybe it's because I counted up the other day, and I'm currently supporting, in some capacity or another, over 100 employees. It's a big responsibility, and very wearing at times, but I know that some people do notice what I do and are thankful for it. Performance reviews are coming around and I've been clued that mine is pretty darn good, so that's always nice to hear.
I've certainly got a leg up on the roommate in the work arena. She has been either the winner or the runner-up for Employee of the Month for the last six months, while doing a number of reports no one else knows how to do, quite literally writing the manual for her department's procedures, and occasionally texting me so she doesn't go out of her mind with boredom. What reward does she get? A 1% raise and an official write-up for using her cell phone at work. 
So I guess I'm right back to the same cynical, disillusioned Anne, just on somebody else's part instead of my own. Ah well. Fiction Friday will be coming up soon and I hope to have something good for you (the response to the very silly Mr. Latvian Door series has been quite nice, so thank you for that!), and please do recall that comments are moderated and will be approved as soon as I am able. Thanks, as always, and see you Friday!

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NotACat on Wednesday, February 11, 2015 2:03 PM
You have to hand it to some people: they really know how to make sure their staff don't get too happy and motivated…
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