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The continuing adventures of Mr. Latvian Door

So apparently being Mr. Latvian Door is not enough for my troublesome brother. He also has to be a hero. I'm getting the feel of kids' books here, along the lines of the Captain Underpants series: "Mr. Latvian Door and the Dancing Pineapple". "Mr. Latvian Door and the Driving Lessons". And then there's Mr. Latvian Door's sidekick...
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Our story begins with Mr. Latvian Door at one of his favorite places, namely, church. All Latvian doors are religious, you know. So our Mr. Door had finished with his churchly duties for the night (this past Sunday), and thought he would stroll outside while he was waiting for his ride to arrive.
Outside of this particular church, there is an open-air grotto with a statue of the church's patron saint. Near this statue, Mr. Latvian Door observed a small basket. Curious, he approached the basket and opened it, only to find this:
Olaf the Pekingese puppy
Everyone, meet Olaf the Pekingese puppy. The vet estimates he is about four months old and perfectly healthy, surprisingly so for having been left outside on a January night in Pennsylvania. Since he was found in the snow, he was named after the snowman from Frozen, and is likely going to be adopted by one of the techs at the emergency vet center to which he was brought by Mr. Latvian Door and his mother (all Latvian doors love their mothers).
I really hope I don't have to say this to any of you, O readers, but the message bears repeating in any case. If you cannot care for your dog, your cat, your rabbit, whatever creature you may have, please, please, please take it to an animal shelter. Do not simply leave it somewhere and hope that it will be found. If my brother had not decided to go outside on Sunday night, little Olaf would probably be dead.
Which brings us back to Mr. Latvian Door and his sidekick, Olaf the Super-Pup. Superpowers: stunning cuteness and the ability to influence the laws of chance in his favor. Hmm, I wonder what Fiction Friday will consist of this week...
In any case, thanks as always for reading, please remember that comments are going to moderation rather than vanishing into the interwebs, and I will see you tomorrow for Why Do I Work Here Wednesday and the Tale of the Ten Bosses!

4 Comments to The continuing adventures of Mr. Latvian Door:

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NotACat on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 4:22 PM
Hooray for your wonderful brother and huzzah for little Olaf ^_^ I look forward to seeing what Fiction Friday delights they have inspired. In anticipation of tomorrow, what on earth have your bosses done now?
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greatlakesmolly on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 9:10 PM
OK, I must admit that I'm REALLY looking forward to the Tale of the Ten Bosses. Maybe that's how one survives office work: turn it into a fairy tale!
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Geoffrey on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 10:04 PM
I suspect how people handle their pets is much like how they approach their families. If when it becomes inconvenient they decide leaving it alone in the cold is the best option, then maybe, just maybe families aren't for them. And people who take in the abandoned... I think I like this door.
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lilyginnyrose on Saturday, January 31, 2015 8:04 AM
Luckily your brother found him. He's adorable. I don't know why anyone whould leave him behind. And not even having the decency to do it in an animal shelter! Some people make me VERY angry.
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