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Yes, really

If I've said it once, I've said it, oh, I don't know, seventeen times. The job I thought I wanted (grade-school teacher) bears a startling resemblance to the job I have (administrative assistant). In both cases, I am dealing with a large group of immature, demanding individuals who are not at all fond of hearing the word "no".
How do I handle this? Well, first, I had to recognize it, which took a surprising amount of time. I was expecting my adult coworkers to, I don't know, act like adults? But they don't. In fact, most of them act an awful lot like cranky five-year-olds. So that's exactly how I treat them. (Those child psychology courses really did pay off... thanks Mom!)
If you doubt that people working for Glass Bathroom Bank, entrusted with the money of others and the responsibility of deciding which loans are safe or unsafe for the bank to take, could have the maturity of small children, please note the following pictorial exhibits. These signs, I promise you, are posted in our breakroom because they are NEEDED.
We begin with Exhibit A:
Recycle bin with sign for no garbage
The sign above the bright blue recycle bin is a little small to read in the photo, I know. It says "Plastic bottles and glass ONLY: This is NOT to be used for garbage!!!!!" (Exclamation points in original.) Underneath it is another sign requesting that people not throw away full cups and bottles of liquid. These things would seem to be common sense, yes? Not for five-year-olds.
Amusingly, this sign has lasted longer than any of its predecessors. And where did people tend to throw away the sign asking them not to throw garbage in the recycle bin? If you have read this blog for a while, or if you have a proper sense of the way my office works, you can answer this one. In the recycle bin, of course. *sigh*
Now, Exhibit B, which is a little newer and hasn't yet been ripped down or defaced (though it does get ignored a lot):
Sign requesting people not to melt the electric kettle
Yes, astoundingly, the line on the side of the electric kettle marked "MIN" for "minimum", at the 2-cup mark, is there for a reason. If you run the kettle without at least that much water in it, Bad Things happen. Such as the auto shutoff switch which should turn off the kettle once the water boils not being able to do so, and thus the water boils and boils and boils and...
Well, you get the picture. I should possibly add that the kettle was not supplied by Glass Bathroom Bank but is my own personal property, brought in by me to feed my tea habit. That doesn't stop people from using it for their own tea, which I don't mind. Except that I have to trot around the floor three times a day to fill it, because apparently nobody else can think of that, and they turn it on to heat half a cup of water and very nearly melt it. Once again, five-year-olds.
Oh well. At least I have you, O readers, to laugh with me at the antics of my childish coworkers, and to send me your own stories of workplaces which more closely resemble kindergartens. Thank you for reading, and I hope to work a bit more on something fictional in time for Fiction Friday. Any encouragement you can send would be appreciated, and do recall that comments are moderated, so don't be alarmed if yours disappears!

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Scott on Wednesday, January 21, 2015 3:10 PM
...Wow. We do have a sign up reminding people there are no janitors for our break room, so please clean up crumbs, spills, etc and throw away any expired food you've put in the fridge, but the most I've ever witnessed was people not cleaning out the microwave properly. There was another sign about that for a while, but people seem to get it these days. I haven't heard of any trouble with the kettle or coffee maker.
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lillyginnyrose on Saturday, January 24, 2015 9:26 AM Your coworkers never cease to amaze me. I'm still in school, which does occasionally resemble a kindergarten, but since everyone is trying to be 'grown-up' and 'responsible', it's mostly just dreadfully boring.
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