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The spammers are coming!

On one level, I am actually thrilled to have to start deleting spam comments from my blog again. My website has enough traffic that the spammers think it would be worth their while to try and link here! Woo-hoo! On another level... spam. Whether it be in a can or on the screen, not being a Viking, I do not find spam lovely or wonderful.
Still, the website having traffic is a wonderful thing. And yes, I do have good news to report on the writing front, O readers, so your patience will be rewarded! I finally got some words to start flowing on the promised DV Christmas story yesterday, after quite a while of being hideously stalled (as well as sick), and since technically it is still the season of Christmas, I'm not late! Well. I'm late, but not horribly so.
Now I just need to decide on a central conflict for the story. Mood pieces and setting-creation bits are all very well, but I have a tendency to use them to avoid conflict at times. Conflict in real life makes me highly uncomfortable, and therefore I sometimes try to duck out of it in my stories, which isn't good for either me or the writing. But meh. I'll figure it out.
I hope and believe that I will be able to post a link to the first chapter of "The Most Dangerous Time of the Year" on the Facebook page tonight, so please, keep your eyes peeled, O readers. Though not literally, because that would hurt.
Now, since I don't have much else to say, I will refrain from rattling on and simply sign off. Story ideas are plentiful this winter, but most of them seem to be the sort that require me to sit patiently and wait for them to come out. Rather like Starsky and Hutch the felines, who were very standoffish for the first two months we had them and have now become surprisingly friendly, daring, and demanding of attention.
But then, that's cats. And I suppose it's stories as well.
Thanks, as always, for reading, and I hope to make some of your dreams come true tonight! And after the New Year, who knows... maybe I'll dig up my files for Playing with Fire, or pull out some of the ideas I was booting around for Snowball, or launch into something totally new in the noveling arena. Only way to find out what's ready to be written is to give it a try!

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lilyginnryrose on Sunday, January 04, 2015 9:21 AM
hi, just wanted to wish you a happy new years, with lots of wonderful stories. and btw, I like your moodpieces. Conflict is bad for my nails, so I don't mind you writing anything else.
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