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News! News!

So yesterday at my church, which I jokingly call Our Lady of the Mispronounciation, we held our annual Lessons and Carols service. Bible readings about the promised
Messiah and the birth of Jesus, choral pieces to go with each one, a couple of carols for everyone. Very beautiful and very moving, if very labor-intensive for the choir.
After the service, the roommate and I helped clean up, and found something which led to this little gem: "So, what should we do with this basket of money?" Yes, you heard me (so to speak). Completely without our asking, people had left us a free-will offering, and a rather sizeable one once it was counted up, in the basket we'd used for programs in the vestibule. And yes, it was one of the same baskets that gets passed every Sunday morning for money, but that's not the point!
In any case, I couldn't resist sharing that story. And if you're thinking the look on the choir director's face when he heard me, and saw that basket, must have been just amazing... well, yes. I hope that I have been able to brighten your morning, or afternoon, or evening, or whatever it is where you are, and that I am about to do so again, with this piece of news:
The 2014 Anne B. Walsh Christmas special, Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, is swiftly nearing completion!
Yes, if you are wondering, that is indeed the title of a Christmas carol. It seems my streak of naming my holiday collections after those, despite my best intentions, continues. And yes, this will once again be a collection, not just one story as I'd intended with Twelfth Knight (which is still a fun idea and will probably go to 2015's holiday season -- don't let me forget!).
The stories within said collection have also been titled, and while I did post those titles on Facebook the other day, here they are again in case you missed it: "The Tenth Lady", "Wherever You May Be", and "Not That Hat". The last one is going to be similar to a Fiction Friday post, just a tiny bit of silliness to round things out, while the other two are longer and a bit more serious. Though, given who's writing, there's still going to be plenty of humor involved.
Are the stories in Tomorrow related to anything else I've written? Why yes, yes they are. "Wherever You May Be" is set in the same world as "Warrior Queen" from my collection Cat Tales (99 cents on Smashwords with coupon code UT76X, hint hint), and "The Tenth Lady" is a sequel to "Glorious Song of Old" from Sing We Now of Christmas (FREE with code RB39N) and "Enough" from In the Bleak Midwinter (FREE with code GJ56T), all of which come from the world of Killdeer ($1.99 with coupon code ZK47Y).
Shameless plugging done. Now I must get back to another sort of plugging. The stories need a bit of buffing up still, and then there's templating, cover-fixing, uploading, adding to website... oh, goodness, so much to do, and so little time to do it in!
But then, that's Christmastime. And really, I wouldn't have it any other way. Watch this space, and the Facebook page, for more details on Tomorrow Shall Be My Dancing Day, and thanks as always for sticking with me!

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NotACat on Monday, December 08, 2014 10:57 AM
I will be waiting avidly as ever. I have only one request: please make it the same size as your previous offerings in this series, and keep the diddy size for your blog compilations, of which may there also be many ^_^
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Tricia on Monday, December 08, 2014 11:10 AM
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Scott on Monday, December 08, 2014 6:55 PM
It was already on my Christmas list before I knew what it was called! ;-)
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