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Computers, calendars, and coffee

C is for a lot of things, and sadly for me, today, none of them are cookies. Although I do have chocolate chippers at home, hidden in the freezer where ever-hungry dogs and too-curious cats cannot get at them. The roommate can reach them, but she knows what I will do to her if she eats more than her share, so we're good there.
In any case, today is Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, which means it's time for me to take you on a pictorial tour of the wonderful world of Anne's day job! (Tad bit heavy on the sarcasm? Oh, perhaps. You try working with a bunch of cranky five-year-olds in cleverly designed adult suits and see how cheerful you are afterwards.)
Let us start with what should be, as you can see by the hanger at the top of the shot, the coat closet:
Computers in coat closet
If you said "Whatever are those computers doing in that coat closet", gold star for you. This is the only available storage space for our spare desktops, and most people prefer to keep their coats at their desks anyway. Strictly speaking, that's against company policy, but so are an awful lot of things. (Like what I'm doing right this very minute...)
Returning to my desk, we have a lovely box o' stuff. I get lots of boxes o' stuff, being the stuff queen on my floor, but this is very particular stuff, having to do with what month it is and people's needs for the upcoming year:
Box of calendars
Why, yes, that is a box of calendars. And weekly and monthly planners, but they all fall under the general listing of "calendars", and this is the only time of year we're allowed to order them, so I've stocked up. If next year goes anything like this year, I'm going to have a lot of people in the first couple weeks of 2015 suddenly realizing, "Hey, wait, I need a calendar!" and I plan on being far more ready than I was this past January.
And finally, down the hall in the break room, one of my perennial responsibilities:
Mostly empty coffee cupboard
Our coffee cupboards, or rather the cupboards where the coffee used to be. The decaf doesn't go nearly as fast as the rest of it. Gee, I wonder why not. I have a new order coming in later this morning, so some of these empty spots will be filled up, but trust me, it won't last. It never does. (The tea moves a little more slowly, but that's only because most of the tea drinkers on the floor bring their own!)
In other news, as I mentioned on the Facebook page yesterday, I am indeed plugging away at a pair of Christmas-themed original stories. When will they get finished? How long will they be? Will they be good enough to publish? Your guess is as good as mine, O readers. Except that I can guarantee they won't get finished any time soon if I keep using up my writing time to blog, so back to the word mines for me!
Thanks, as always, for reading and for keeping up with me on various forms of social media. Your support makes all the difference in the world. Have a good rest of the week, and I hope to see you on Fiction Friday, at which time I might have more news about the holiday special! What's it going to be called? Not telling yet. Mwahaha...
*Anne strolls away, idly whistling tune of English Christmas carol which has Jesus speaking in first person and referring to humanity as his true love*

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