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Merry and bright

Warning! Warning! The Made-Up Monday post for today contains Dangerverse spoilers! If you have not finished reading the Dangerverse, and you do not wish to be spoiled for what takes place in the final chapters, turn back now! This is your only warning. Read further at your own risk, and brace yourselves for emotional impact!
Am I being a little silly about this? Well, yes. But it's me. Why would you expect anything other than silliness, especially when it comes to the Dangerverse? The entire thing began on a whim, a memory of a song from Sesame Street, and a bunch of late nights in a college dorm room! What part of that doesn't read "silly" to you?
In any case, since I missed Fiction Friday due to being busy with the aftermath of a Thanksgiving with my family (not that anything went wrong, but while I love my parents and siblings dearly, they do take a gigantic amount of energy to deal with for prolonged periods), here is a Made-Up Monday to try and, well, make up for it. And yes, it is a DV story. It's also Christmas-y, since today is the first of December.
I can hear it now. The questions are starting to rise from computers all over the world. Will I have a holiday special for this year? Well, the answer to that is that I still don't know. But I may have more information for you tomorrow or Wednesday. In the meantime, please enjoy this tiny snippet from the DV, and thank you as always for reading!
Feet thrust into fuzzy slippers, a quilted dressing gown wrapped around her, the young woman stood at the window of her tiny bedroom on the topmost floor of the grand manor house. Below her feet, she knew, her siblings and friends were still sleeping, but for this moment the world belonged to her and the rising sun, and the soft pastels in which it was beginning to paint the landscape below her.
"What a difference a year makes," she murmured, half to herself, half to the snow globe which sat on the windowsill beside her. "Would any of us at the Gala last year have believed where we'd be celebrating this Christmas? We were in the middle of a war then, and this house was serving as headquarters for our enemies!" She smiled, running her hand along the silken-smooth wood of the windowframe, dark as the night just past. "I like it much better as our home. And it's especially beautiful when there's snow on the ground. Though I haven't seen it in any other season, yet, and I'm sure the gardens will be heavenly once Captain and Pearl get through with them. Plenty of roses, especially around that 'ruined tower' somebody built out beyond what used to be the maze..."
A swoop of movement caught her eye. Three magpies winged their way through the air level with her window, dipping and swirling as though they, too, were half-drunk with the heady intoxication of the crisp winter morning. After a few moments, a fourth bird flapped into the young woman's line of sight to join them, and the whole flock turned on their wingtips and dove towards the nearest grove of trees, vanishing into the leafless branches.
"Three for a girl and four for a boy." The young woman traced the curve of her snow globe with a fingertip. "Or is that three for a wedding and four for a birth? They could go together, I suppose, but that'd mean..." Her eyes widened. "Oh dear," she said with a trace of ruefulness, looking down at the hand which bore her engagement ring. "Well, I do know his family, so nobody can say I wasn't warned. And at least I won't be raising them by myself!"
Lifting the snow globe from its resting place, she shook it briskly, letting the sweet, silver notes of her twin brother's flute soar out into the chill air of late December. She would see the real thing later that morning, but for the moment she saw no reason to disturb the slumbers of her fellow Warriors.
"That's just how our days are going to be," said Hermione Granger-Lupin, soon to be Hermione Weasley, nodding at a passage in the song her brother Reynard Beauvoi had played for her the previous Christmas, the one they'd thought would be the last they ever shared. "And our Christmases, too."
Humming along with the ending of the song, she began to get dressed.
Outside, the snow continued to fall.

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Cris Austin on Monday, December 01, 2014 7:00 PM
I had a craptastic day. I so needed this. Thanks.
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Carole on Monday, December 01, 2014 10:50 PM
Hooray, more Dangerverse! I never would have expected Hermoine to be the first, though.
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Dawn on Tuesday, December 02, 2014 12:28 AM
It's so nice to see them enjoying their new house. They had a hard time, they deserve something nice. Which Sesame Street song?
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Shield on Tuesday, December 02, 2014 5:07 AM
Hip hip hurra :). Makes me want to get pregnant with twins ;-). Thank you for this bit of DV on a chilly December morning!
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greatlakesmolly on Tuesday, December 02, 2014 5:09 PM
I also ask that you reveal which Sesame St. song was part of creating the Dangerverse. And thank you for continuing to build intriguing worlds and lives, a day at a time.
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