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I never thought

Having just yesterday afternoon seen my sister perform the role of Cinderella in a certain Sondheim musical based on fairy tales, I now have its various songs running through my head, especially the piece for all the main characters which begins the second act, about how they never thought they would be so happy... or are they?
In this life, a lot of things that start with "I never thought I..." could just be cut off at the first three words, and my current state is certainly one of those. I never thought, really and truly, about what I'd be doing with myself after I finished the Dangerverse. About what effect it would have on me, and on the people and the world around me. Thank you so much, Into the Woods, for making me think about it.
Is that a sarcastic thank you? It could be. In truth, I don't know how much of my current state is indebted to the ending of the Dangerverse, how much to stresses in the rest of my life, and so on, and so forth. So I'll just set out what's happening, and let you, O readers, take it from there.
Yes, I still have Dangerverse ideas. They weren't exactly going to go away! But no, I'm not currently planning to write very many of them down. They will remain fun ideas for me to think over and play with, but I do need to start devoting writing time and energy to other things. The only way I could see myself being able to write more long-form Dangerverse stories is if I became a successful author and could quit my day job, and right now, it just isn't happening.
As for the rest of my life, well, I mentioned it before, but it's still with me. I'm having issues with pain and muscle tightness in my back and my hips, which is slowing me down quite a lot. Ironically, it's probably related both to the stress of finishing the DV, and to the fact that I had to stop taking regular walks in order to get everything done around my writing frenzies. Now, of course, it's awfully hard to go for a nice brisk walk when moving hurts. Not that sitting still doesn't hurt too, so yeah. No real winning with this one.
Writing is a bit stalled because of the physical issues, since sitting is actually a more stressful posture than most people realize, especially for the back. I've fallen behind on my NaNo again, and it is possible that Twelfth Knight may not in fact get written in time for the holidays. If that is the case, I'm very sorry, but I can't force my brain to produce. (Though you would be within your rights if you didn't trust me anymore when I said I was going to do something!)
On a happier note, Starsky and Hutch the kitty sisters are becoming ever more affectionate, though they're still skittish if a human moves too fast near them and they don't want to be picked up at the moment. We're offering lots of petting and scratches, and letting them set the pace for anything further.
The crazy dogs are as crazy as ever, with Buddy the big dog demonstrating, to my terrified annoyance, that he can in fact jump over our newly installed five-foot-tall chain link fence to get out of the yard, though he did come straight back when I called him. If it had been Brando the little dog who got loose, I might still be out there trying to catch him!
Is some of this repetitive? Well, sure, but I never quite know who's listening to what around here. Please, if you're wondering if you should comment, review, talk back to me or not, if you think that I don't want to hear from you or that I won't read what you said, please, don't hesitate. Silence is the most painful response I can get. Apart from a horrendous flame, so if that's all you've got, maybe silence would be preferable. But otherwise, I don't bite, I promise. (A reminder that comments on this blog do need to be moderated, so when it disappears, it's not a glitch -- I will post it as soon as I see it!)
Am I going to have to get used to working in "silence", now that I don't have the Dangerverse bringing me streams of responses from readers reviewing my new chapters, or finding the stories for the first time? Maybe. Am I going to be able to handle that? Who knows?
Send your thoughts, O readers, and if you know anyone you think would like my writing but might not have the time for some of my longer stuff, consider getting them a copy of Week in Review, the collection of my 2014 Fiction Friday posts! (Scroll to the bottom of the linked post for links to ALL the Amazons.) Thanks, as always, and I hope to see you in a couple days for another edition of Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, so that I can at least keep you smiling that way!

9 Comments to I never thought:

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Anna L on Monday, November 10, 2014 2:18 PM
I'm reading, and continue to read. I have just been swamped with work to comment as much. Mostly also still processing that DV has ended. lots of hugs. Maybe hot bath with epsom salt will help your back. I'm personally also wondering if I should try to go see Phantom in Buffalo. Have you seen the show on stage before?
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Alex Conall on Monday, November 10, 2014 2:36 PM
Not total silence on the originals, because you'll always have your editorial squad to provide feedback, but yeah, more silence than before. I hope you can work just as well in more-silence than in sound.
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Natasha on Monday, November 10, 2014 2:49 PM
I wish... Sorry couldn't help myself :) Into the Woods and Guys and Dolls are fairly well tied for my favorite musicals ever.
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Tricia Elbl on Monday, November 10, 2014 3:23 PM
Loving Week in Review. Fun to have all the fics collected. :) Hope your back feels better soon!
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Scott on Monday, November 10, 2014 3:49 PM
My sympathies on the back problems, that's never fun. Hope you figure out a good way to make them go away! As to writing, take the time you need! I'm sure I'll enjoy Twelfth Night whether it comes out in December or July. And if you decide "silence" though a novel is too much, I'm sure some of us would be willing to read originals in progress... ;-)
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NotACat on Monday, November 10, 2014 5:17 PM
Yeah, what Scott said ^_^ Mucho sympatico on the back thing, it's horrid, isn't it? Glad to hear the kittikins are getting on better, hope they're also getting on OK with the dog-boys!
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Frances on Monday, November 10, 2014 6:24 PM
In full agreement with Scott in regards to reading originals in progress ;) I certainly hope your back gets better soon as there is little that is less fun than achey bodies - it just makes everything difficult! Agony! Except that yours is physical instead the Princes' rather different problems. LOVE that musical!
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lilyginnyrose on Thursday, November 13, 2014 6:22 PM
I never thought... good words to think over, for everyone. Two years ago I never thought I would be this invested in an author of a fanfiction I just started reading. I was wrong and don't regret it even a little. I'm not going anywhere, anytime soon. As on the back and the pain, please just let give you the best wishes again. I sincerely hope they will not trouble you anymore. It's pretty late now, over in europe, so I'm cutting of my comment here. All the best
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The Imaginatrix on Saturday, November 15, 2014 11:10 PM
Three years ago, I never thought I would find a community of people who did what I did. I didn't know fanfiction was a thing, and ever since discovering this community, with all its quirks and terminology and writing that varies from horrendously, painfully terrible to mind-blowing excellence (yours is most definitely the latter, in case you were wondering), I have felt as though I among friends. Many, many friends who understand me in ways other people I've met in real life didn't seem to. I like it here. :) Won't you even gift us with the occasional glimpse of the Pride Cubs? Pleeeeeeeease? In all seriousness, I do understand that you want to focus more on other projects now. As a writer, you need to know when to let your children leave home, even if their fanfic children. But still, I'd like to see the occasional oneshot, or perhaps a collection of them updated every so often, giving us more insight into what happened between Chapter 69 and the epilogue. There's a lot of time to fill in, but glimpses here and there would be enough. Thank you again for fashioning such a wonderful alternate universe. Your writing is a pleasure to read. :) I really hope your back feels better soon. I've seen your later posts and knowing you're in so much pain makes me wish I could transmit myself over the web and hug you, not that that would help very much. I hope the doctor can help.
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