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Whole lot of no fun

The blog post title for today could also be a good title for my weekend. It started with an allergic reaction to a medication by the roommate, which led to a truly miserable 18 hours for her, and shortly after we were able to get her the medicine that would help, my body responded to the stress with shooting pains through my back and hip.
Long-time readers may recognize that this pain pattern has hit me before, though this is the first time it's been purely because of emotional stressors. Having an unexpectedly very sick human in the house, on top of finishing a ten-year writing project, seems to be the point at which my system goes on strike. Good to know.
However, pain and illness or not, life goes on. I may be behind on NaNo, and on this year's holiday special, but I do not choose to give up (no matter how tempting a choice that looks like at times). The more encouragement you can send me, the better, and I plan to make this all the easier by shortly releasing the e-book I'm currently calling All Through the Week, the collection of 2014's Fiction Friday pieces in e-book form.
I've been able to classify the little tidbits I've done for Fiction Friday into five categories, two of which should be familiar to you, O readers: Trycanta Tuesdays and Thunder Thursdays. We will also have Fairy Tale Fridays, which should be self-explanatory, and Madcap Mondays, for the stories that are just a little...weird. Worldview Wednesdays, for stories closer to real life than most, finish out the five.
Now my only question is this. Should I line up the days of the week in their proper order, or should I do them backwards? I'm leaning towards backwards, if only because the Madcap Monday stories are, as mentioned, a trifle strange, and that may not be what I want to have available as a sample to browsing readers. The Fairy Tale Friday stuff is a bit more accessible.
Though in that case, should I change the title of the collection to reflect its backwards nature? And what should I change it to? (Week in Review comes to mind.) Also, would this collection be of interest to anyone as a paper book? I may put it into the 5x8 format that was used on A Dinner of Herbsrather than my usual 6x9, just because the word count is fairly low.
Your thoughts, O readers, are welcome as always, but get them in to me soon! I would like to get this collection released fairly fast, so that I have a little bit of extra income for the holiday season, to help offset the time I will be spending not only writing my NaNo and Twelfth Knight but the time I will put into setting up the various portions of Surpassing Danger for print books.
Yes, I do intend to make Surpassing Danger into print books through self-publishing site Lulu, as I have with the other parts of the Dangerverse (though I am indebted, deeply, to Joshua from the old DV groups for setting up the first several books for me). See my Useful Links page for more info. As previously noted, the price on those books is 100% materials, since it is illegal for me to make any money from fan fiction. However, if you choose to purchase a collection of my original work around the same time you're buying a DV print book, I would certainly appreciate that!
Thoughts from you, O readers, on the setup of those print books would be much appreciated as well. Josh's setups, though beautiful, are definitely very different than the fairly straightforward templates available to me now. Should I stick with those and just have the style shift radically, as it now does, at the halfway mark of the DV, after the first volume of Facing Danger? Or should I take the extra time and re-template the entire Dangerverse into the same style I am currently using?
Honestly, the answer to those questions will depend strongly on your response, O readers. As does the answer to another question I have been receiving very widely, namely, "Will you ever write more Dangerverse stories?"
Now there are two ways to look at that question. The one I am confident that most of you mean is, "Will you ever write more of these stories which are enjoyable and emotionally compelling to us?" And for that, I thank you. But I cannot help but see the part of this question which is "Will you ever write more of this fiction to which you have already devoted ten years, for which you can never legally receive monetary compensation, and for which emotional compensation is completely in the hands of your readers, many of whom feel that 'nice chapter write more soon' is sufficient?" 
Now, many of you reading this blog post have certainly given me a lot more feedback than that over the years, and I do recognize that and thank you for it once again. And I will definitely continue to write fan fiction in general, both because it is good training for me and because I enjoy it. But more Dangerverse stories...I just don't know. As Dr. Seuss said, "Well, what would you do if your mother asked you?" (Hi Mom.)
So I think that's enough rambling from me for today. Let me know what you think, and watch this space for more information on Week in Review (since I think that title's going to stick) and other upcoming Anne B. Walsh productions! Thanks as always for reading, and have a good week!

2 Comments to Whole lot of no fun:

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Mom on Tuesday, November 04, 2014 8:46 PM
Hi, Anne. As always, I love to hear what's going on with you (though I do not love what your body's doing to you right now). I am staying out of the debate of e- vs. print books (whatever the format, I will be getting print SD), but wanted to return the shout-out. Love you.
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haminac on Wednesday, November 05, 2014 3:42 AM
Will you write more Dangerverse stories? Honestly I don't think your mind will let itself be stopped from it. But (! That's a BIG BUT - with exclamation marks !) - please use this "end" of the ten years trip precisely as what it is - an end. I have the strong impression, that while DV taught you a lot and was tremendous fun, there are other things you should concentrate on, as it was also a heavy burden at times. Ten years is a LONG time. Maybe in a sense, what I really want to say is, there is more to you and in you than the DV. I really love that story and I already know it will be a lifetime favourite for me, which will be read again and again, only to discover new connections anytime i reread it, since I am a fairly unattentive reader. But that it ends as you planned it and that you have done it e.g. you can talk about it in a past tense, allowing you to talk about an achievement (!), is more valuable than some of your readers realize I think. So please, write DV whenever you feel like it, but please collect some other achievements, because I think that's the thing that can give you peace and self contentment. I would find it much more thrilling to see what else you can make of this motives introduced in DV and what new motives you will come up with. I am looking forward to it very much!
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