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Occupational questions

That is, those questions which my occupation forces me to ask more often than I otherwise might. If, for instance, I were a pirate, I might have occasion to ask why the rum was gone (though if Captain Jack had been visiting lately, I might not need to ask). Since I am a lowly administrative assistant, my questions are rather different.
For those of you who may not have been keeping up with Why Do I Work Here Wednesday, "administrative assistant" is a fancy way of saying secretary. Also receptionist, handler of all sorts of requests, and purveyor of fine supplies, which is where my questions come into play. For instance, instead of wondering why the rum is gone, I can wonder, "Why is the pink printer toner gone?"
One lonely box of pink toner.
Well, not quite gone, but certainly a lot lower than the other colors, and I know I ordered the same amount of everything. Maybe I just work with a lot of people who like their presentations to be pink! (Yes, I know it's technically called magenta. And I'm technically called an administrative assistant. I'm a secretary, and it's pink.)
Elsewhere in the breakroom, I can wonder, "Why is the green tea gone?" This goes along with wishing I could set up my own tea selections for our floor instead of having to get the preset box. I would go very heavy on the black and green teas, very light on the herbals, and then what we buy would actually line up with what people drink.... oh well, maybe someday.
A box of mixed tea missing the green teabags.
On the same counter, just a little bit to the left: "Why is the flavored coffee gone?" Of course, if it was me, I'd know why the flavored coffee was gone, because coffee of any sort tastes so unbearably bitter to me that I'd grasp at anything which might lighten that bitterness. But there's eighty other people on this floor, so it could be just about anybody.
A selection of coffee low on the flavored stuff.
Is this a silly blog post? What an unnecessary question. It is my blog post, and therefore by its nature it is silly! But yes, it is perhaps a bit sillier than usual. You see, O readers, last night I posted the final main-story chapter of Surpassing Danger. Which means I have only the Epilogue left to write, and then the Dangerverse is... dare I say it... finished. 
The writing of the Dangerverse has been quite an epoch in my life. I'm not going to rhapsodize about it here, because this doesn't seem to be the time or place. Also because I don't need a crying jag just at this precise moment. So instead, I shall once again thank everyone who has come with me on this journey, whether for part or all of it, and enjoy the relief of the ending even as I look forward to the future.
Of course, some book sales wouldn't hurt to help fund that future. And I did promise a sale on originals to celebrate the completion of the DV, and a DV quiz, with the prizes being either Anne originals or (for those who already have them) possibly an Anne story of your very own... but more info on that will have to wait until tomorrow. Don't let me forget, don't you forget to review, and thanks, as always, for reading!

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NotACat on Wednesday, October 29, 2014 12:11 PM
Whereas in our house, it's "where has my lunch gone?" when I discover that somebody has decided to supplement their breakfast by dipping into my conveniently defrosted supply of sliced bread which in turn means that I have to brave my fingers carving fresh slices off a frozen loaf… Having said that, I do rather like a nice flavoured coffee: do you have a favourite?
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haminac on Thursday, October 30, 2014 5:00 AM
"Where have all the waffles gone?" *humming a silly tune about cowboys with it*, was the most recent of my acquaintances with this kind of questions :D The end of the Dangerverse *insert dramatic music here* is both dreaded and cheered at here with me. I am so excited to see what will come next for you and look very much forward to follow your work!
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