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He'll never notice!

So while I am occasionally having a hard time coming up with subjects for blog posts on my other weekdays, since most of my writing in Glenscar and Trycanta is on hold and I don't have any other original projects going except the holiday special, Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays are no problem at all. This should not surprise anyone.
Today's post is about one of my nine bosses, whom we shall call Gabe. Gabe asked me to have his new corkboard hung up while he was away on vacation. Now, bear in mind that this corkboard had already arrived in its box, I'd carried it to Gabe's desk, and therefore we'd both seen its size. It was about three feet tall by four feet wide.
I put in the request to our building maintenance staff (who are quite awesome) and one of them came on the first day of Gabe's vacation to hang up his shiny new corkboard between his two existing whiteboards. It looked something like this:
Shiny new corkboard.
To be more specific, it looked exactly like this. Or it should have. When Gabe got back from vacation this morning, his shiny new corkboard was not there. Hanging in its place was this:
Dirty old whiteboard.
For anyone who cannot see the picture, this whiteboard is small, about two feet by three feet. It is also, though the picture does not show this clearly, somewhat battered at the corners and stained with use. We had a clear case of "this is not what I ordered".
Fortunately, due to our maintenance staff being (as already mentioned) awesome, I was able to confirm with the install guy that he had, indeed, hung up a corkboard, not a whiteboard, so the swap had happened at some date later than last Tuesday. A slow stroll around the floor later...
Well, sadly, I don't have a picture of what I discovered, but it was Gabe's corkboard leaning against the cubicle wall of our floor's practical joker, Harry. He'd seen the new and shiny item hanging on Gabe's wall, and decided that Gabe needed some bafflement to welcome him back from vacation.
I sense a division in your numbers, O readers. Some of you are shaking your heads and saying to yourselves, "No. That didn't really happen. Anne's making it up. These are grown-ups, financial professionals, tasked with handling the money of others! They wouldn't behave like that!" And the rest of you are nodding and saying, "Yes. That absolutely happened, just like that."
Those of you with the second answer, hands up everyone who's ever worked in an office of any kind? That's what I thought. And with the first answer, hands up everyone who hasn't done time on a cubicle farm? Once again, as I suspected. Welcome to my world, people. Is it any wonder I spend most of my down time writing?
And I should get back to that, since there are DV chapters to be written (three more to go, eek!), Twelfth Knight to be hammered into shape (it's in full pout-sulk-don't-wanna mode at the moment), and preparations to be made for beginning Salt of the Earth for NaNoWriMo in... good Lord, less than two weeks. Where does the time go. Thanks as always for reading, and I'll see you next time!

3 Comments to He'll never notice!:

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NotACat on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 9:51 AM
Well, I have never worked in an actual "cubicle farm"—although Wifey's office where I used to work is a near miss—but I find myself completely unsurprised that something like this might happen. In fact, I would be more surprised if it never happened at all! Only three chapters to go! I'm looking for the silver lining, and consoling myself with the prospect of some of those side-projects I occasionally nag you gently over (LSSR, SOS and RAC, just by way of example ;-) getting a bit more love ^_^
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Scott on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 11:26 AM
Yeah, some of the sales people in my office are like that. Offices might change if their normal occupant's on vacation. So far we haven't had anything happen in the creative department though.
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Natasha on Wednesday, October 22, 2014 1:27 PM
I worked at an 800 call in line a long time ago. We had "The Sacred Cheese". A customer sent in her moldy block of still sealed processed cheese food. It was then mocked up like the Ark of the Covenant and all new people had to keep it on their desks the first week...
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