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Introducing Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays!

So since my first post this week was on Monday, apologizing for my lack of posts last week, I feel the need to post again today. Perhaps this would be a good time to debut another day of the week series: Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays! (And to all those literalists who will point out little things like paychecks, I have only this to say: MEH.)
For anyone who doesn't know, I have a day job in downtown Pittsburgh, in a big old office tower belonging to a company I like to call Glass Bathroom Bank. My official title is "administrative assistant", which means I am a secretary, receptionist, calendar manager, space allocator, and orderer of supplies. And no supply is more important to the office's smooth running than the beverages of caffeine.
Now, we have plenty of coffee drinkers in my office, and for them we have two nice one-cup brewers and lots of the little coffee pods to use in them. But we also have people who prefer tea, and for them we have an electric kettle (well, really it's mine, but I don't have a problem sharing as long as people refill it) and boxes of teabags which look like this:
A pretty variety pack of tea, neatly closed.
Pretty variety pack of tea, right? And to get to the goodness inside, you have to gently pop up the flap in the front (yes, the one in that picture is already opened, but work with me here), which looks something like this:
A pretty variety pack of tea, just opened.
You can see in the bottom left corner there my fingers, which have just lifted the flap and are ready to raise it high, revealing the neat (or not so neat) stacks of delicious teabags within, like so:
A pretty variety pack of tea, showing teabags.
And then, just because it looks nice, you can fold back the flap so that it sits up all perky in the back of the box, showing off the teabags so that everyone can help themselves. Not a terribly hard process, and the end result should look like this:
A pretty variety pack of tea, neatly folded back.
Very neat, no? So I was doing my usual rounds this morning, tidying up, making sure there's enough of everything at both coffee and tea stations, checking for what I might need to reorder. I opened up one of the cabinets at the smaller of our stations and discovered this:
A once pretty variety pack of tea, with its top shredded to bits.
Obviously somebody really needed their caffeine.
Moments like this are why I am never, ever surprised by the stupidity of characters in fiction. Disgusted, frustrated, angry, yes, all of the above, often to the point of screaming at the page. But surprised? No. When real people can be this unintelligent, why shouldn't fictional people have the very same privilege?
More writing will be coming your way soon, O readers, though I shall try to keep the stupid quotient to a minimum. Trust me, I know quite well how much of that you must get in real life! Now that I'm past the critical point in the Dangerverse (I posted Chapter 65 last night, for anyone who hasn't seen it), I will probably be starting Twelfth Knight shortly, and I still need to re-up my NaNo page for this year.
What am I writing for NaNo, you ask? Uh-uh, no spoilers! Wait and see! Thanks as always for reading, and please, share your own stories of the stupid which lurks among us (and which often is us) -- I can always use more material!

6 Comments to Introducing Why Do I Work Here Wednesdays!:

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NotACat on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 9:40 AM
Oh, this comes as no surprise. My wife is one of the smartest people I know (despite the contrary evidence of being married to me ;-) yet cannot get it through her head that putting a particular utensil in the kitchen drawer facing upwards will result in it catching on the underneath of the worktop and getting bent: the interesting (new) shape of said utensil is proof positive of her failure to understand this—and since the whole point of this utensil is that it is flat… In similar vein, I used to work with someone who swore blind they were allergic to caffeine and therefore could not tolerate tea or coffee, while swilling down countless mugs of hot chocolate!
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Alex Conall on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 10:17 AM
Anne: Some people are just inconsiderate. NotACat: Isn't hot chocolate caffeine-free?
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LeahAndreaBlack on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 1:23 PM
Hahahahaha, loved this! Thanks for making me laugh :) I work as a book seller and believe me, in retail you get so many stupid people... But they are also incredible funny - later, after you screamed inside your head and drank lots of wine ;)
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greatlakesmolly on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 2:00 PM
the video display argues your case perfectly. I love it! I hope your days go better now.
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lilyginnyrose on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 5:32 PM
people are just so stupid sometimes. Not like, 'what was I thinking"-stupid but the "I don't care how, I'll just do it like this, and see nothing wrong with it"-it. It's kind of inconsiderate.
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Amelia on Wednesday, October 08, 2014 8:17 PM
An all-purpose monosyllable. I like it! :)
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