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Of music and martyrs

Seem like an odd title for a blog post? Well, the church I attend, and in which I am active in the music ministry, is named for a third-century martyr. Ta-da! I will not reveal the name of said martyr, but we have an ongoing, mostly joking, feud over how to say it. Thus, I fictionalize the parish as "Our Lady of the Mispronunciation".
We had our parish feast day recently, and sang a hymn about our patron saint, for which I am both proud and embarrassed to say that I supplied new lyrics. We had a set already, and they were okay, but a little bit clunky in places. You've all been there, I'm sure, where the words of a song just don't quite seem to fit the way they should.
So half-humorously, after one of our usual Wednesday rehearsals a week or two ago, I asked our choir director if I could write new words for the hymn for next year, since he'd already swapped in a new tune from the one we had been using. His response: "Get them to me by Sunday and we'll use them this year." CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.
Anyone who has read the Dangerverse knows that I enjoy putting together bits of verse, that is, words which have what's called scansion, or a noticeable beat to them. (Who, me? An English lit geek? Nah, can't be.) Since I've also been singing church music since I was too little to see over the pew without standing on the kneeler, getting these lyrics into shape went pretty quickly.
However. I did not, intentionally, write my final verse so that its last two lines lent themselves to a great big ending, complete with super-high soprano descant and part-dividing harmonies and all the rest of it. That was an accident. I swear. *sigh* Why does nobody ever believe me?
In any case. The feast day celebration went off beautifully, which means that any day now we should be getting our Christmas music... yes, already. How else are we supposed to practice it enough that we know it all by the time Advent rolls around? We'll be having our usual "Lessons and Carols" concert near the beginning of December, and recording it so that we have a Christmas CD to sell this year.
Speaking of Christmas and related wintertime celebrations and sales: I hope to begin working on Twelfth Knight any day now, and I also plan to drop the prices of some of my originals to celebrate the completion of the Dangerverse -- and what the heck, I might as well leave them lowered until Christmas! So stay tuned for that!
As always, you can get my originals in various e-formats through Amazon, Smashwords, and the marketplaces Smashwords distributes to, like Apple, Barnes and Noble, and the e-book subscription service Scribd. All of the above take credit/debit cards and PayPal. If you prefer paper books, Amazon sells them in various markets around the world, or you can buy signed copies (and often cheaper ones, at least in the US) via my Etsy site.
My Useful Links page is the permanent home for getting to all of the above, as well as to the document where links to the Dangerverse paperbacks are located. My apologies for the slightly torturous path to those, as well for the cost, but every penny of that is materials. I make no profit from them whatsoever. Since it would be, y'know, illegal for me to do so.
So, having babbled enough for today, I shall depart to my writing. And possibly to get some actual work done, though I wouldn't bet on it. Thanks, as always, for reading, and for helping me through 2014, which has been a tough year for me in a couple of different ways. Here's hoping the last few months will be better!

2 Comments to Of music and martyrs:

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NotACat on Thursday, September 25, 2014 9:37 AM
I love your music, which I bring out every Christmas, and I look forward to your story collection ;-)
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KD on Friday, September 26, 2014 11:38 PM
Where can one acquire said music? I'm getting paid soon, so I plan to buy more of your originals, too. Yay words!
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