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Click, click, hiss

And no, that is not what you hear when you scare a cat wearing tap shoes. Though I will have to remember that as a punchline for one of my signature really bad jokes. It is, in fact, part of a song from a Broadway musical of years gone by, which is about workers at a pajama factory who go on strike to get a seven and a half cent raise.
What's that you say? Making it up? Perish the thought. I would never do such a thing. Well, actually, I do it all the time. But on this occasion, it's gospel truth. The book was called Seven and a Half Cents, and the musical is The Pajama Game, for which I tried out in the tenth grade (can't dance, so didn't make it). The song? "Steam Heat".
And at last we find the connection with me and my crazy life (well, other than the tenth grade thing, and I wasn't actually too keen on strutting around the stage in tights and a Bob Fosse-style hat). Like the people in the song, the roommate and I have click, click, hiss, steam heat at our house, and the boiler which produces said steam heat is being replaced today.
Unlike the boiler in the song, ours runs on natural gas instead of coal or oil, but that doesn't change the fact that it is original to the house, which was built sometime around 1952. We've been lucky enough to get two winters' worth of use out of it with only one fairly minor repair, but although it does work, it's highly inefficient. Replacing it now, before any major repairs become necessary, seems like the wisest course.
Since it seems smart to us to get as much annoyance as possible out of the way all at once, we are also getting a fence installed around the back yard this fall, along with replacing all our windows (which is quite a big job as we have a LOT of them) and the exterior doors. It will be lovely not to have to worry about Brando the little dog hurling himself through the screen door if a rabbit happens by!
Speaking of dogs, I'm highly grateful to both the friend mentioned last post (you know who you are), who conquered uneasiness around active dogs to restore Buddy the big dog to his bedroom habitat for the day, twice, and Rob the repair guy, who has dogs of his own and said he wouldn't mind going into Buddy's bedroom to bleed the radiator there. Not that Buddy will do anything except say hello and demand attention, but some people are uncomfortable with that.
Writing? Why yes, actually, I am writing. I have a little document called "Chapter 64" open on my desktop as we speak... *hides from overexcited Dangerverse fans, reaches up gingerly to type* I can't write if I've been trampled, O readers. Deep breaths and patience, please! I will have it to you as soon as possible!
Oh yes. If anyone reading this stopped short in the DV because you didn't want to have to wait for the new chapters, this might be a good time to start back up. As of the end of Chapter 64, the Second War will be finished. Done. Kaput. And yes, I do know I'll have six chapters left to go at that point. Trust me, there's plenty of wrap-up to go around!
As for originals... not quite yet. But once the Final Battle is written and done, I may have some brain cells free with which to think about them again. This is the time to put your bids in for what you'd like to see first, people! I guarantee nothing, but I am willing to listen to just about anything!
So there you have it. A nice shiny new boiler and a nice shiny new chapter, and a few amusing memories of high school (I went to see the show even though I wasn't in it, and got a kick out of watching my friends strut all over the stage). Thanks as always for reading, and tell your friends that this is the time to come back to the DV! See you soon!

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NotACat on Thursday, September 18, 2014 1:48 PM
New boiler is always good provided your plumbing can cope. Here's looking forward to a safely-warm winter for you all ;-) New chapter is also good, even if it does bring us closer to THE END which I think you know (seeing as you seem to share the sentiment) many of us are viewing with mixed feelings.
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greatlakesmolly on Thursday, September 18, 2014 3:45 PM
I'm so glad your clicks are hissing, as the prediction for this winter is that the polar vortex will once again descend over the northeastern US. That will certainly chill those of us living on the south side of the Great Lakes, and probably you too. Now I'm off to reread 63 so I'm sure to be fully ready for 64.
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