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In Sanity

Or rather, out of Sanity, since if Sanity were the name of a town, it is not one where I would spend much time. A lot of people have told me that they wish they could write like I can. I tell them that they would not want what comes along with it, since having a vivid and far-ranging imagination is very often more of a curse than a blessing.
Now I just have to decide in which state Sanity is located. Perhaps, as Calvin of "Calvin and Hobbes" once told his teacher, it's in the state of Denial? Or maybe it is its own state, a state of Mind. Wherever it is, there let it be, and so onwards.
Is this a rather rambling blog post? It ought to be. My brain is barely functional today, which doesn't make much sense since as far as I can remember, I slept pretty well. Unfortunately my body doesn't seem to agree with my memories, so I'm lurching around like a zombie. And since my body is being less than welcoming to my usual tea-borne caffeine infusions, it's worse than ever.
This does not bode well for the writing I was hoping to do today. The Dangerverse is getting to a very exciting part, and though some of my readers don't seem quite as enthused as I could have hoped, others are doing their best to make up for it. Thanks to all these kind folks.
As for originals, they're tugging at my sleeves begging me to come out and play with them, but as soon as I try to pay attention to any one of them, it runs away while three others swarm me. Kind of like furry pets in that regard, especially cats.
Real life is doing what real life always does. That is, it rolls on. We are preparing to get some good-sized work done on the house, as in, a new boiler for heat, new outside doors and windows, and a fence around the back yard. All of this is greatly needed and will make our lives much easier, but it's going to be a pain and a half in the short run while it's getting finished.
Buddy and Brando are, well, Buddy and Brando. The happy, shambling big dog and the hyper, bug-munching little dog. They will be much cleaner dogs after this weekend, since they are getting bathed and brushed, but they will also be confused and slightly suspicious dogs, since while they are out getting bathed and brushed we will be out obtaining feline sisters for them... mwahahaha. Evil pet owners are evil.
So I suppose that's all the news from Lake Anne-begon (yes, I'm being silly, when am I not?). I will see about getting my brain into shape to write a chapter, but frankly I'm not optimistic given the number of times I had to haul myself back into focus with this blog post. Thanks for understanding, and for reading, and I hope to see you all soon... maybe.

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Haminac on Friday, September 05, 2014 2:02 AM
Rambling Blog posts are the thing of the season, eh? Nevermind, since any blog post I read from you means you feel able to write at all which in my book is a VERY good thing. I enjoy the latest developments in the Dangerverse a lot and could imagine it gets you some trouble with those people you once mentioned who think you don't kill enough main cast people of yours ;] Not that I am one of those. I'm enjoying the "who's-going-to-be-resuscitated-next-roulette-party" of yours there. After that I simply hope that with the Dangerverse - caution, slightly disturbing f-word coming! - finished, maybe you will get a better look at those kiddos tugging your sleeve since you won't be so preoccupied with other things. There's always hope, is there? Until then - haminac
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Mariam on Tuesday, September 09, 2014 6:40 AM
I know writing for you has been tough. I check every week for an update to The Dangerverse, but I'm also aware that life gets in the way, and writing often takes a back seat. Keep up the good works, and try your best. Oh, and have a hug.
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