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Cats, naps, and tips

A bit of a random blog post title, but then, this will be a bit of a random blog post. I know: shock and awe! A random blog post? From someone who has called her entire blog "Anne's Randomness"? How amazing! Well, yes, but this post will be even more random than usual. You have been warned. Don't say you weren't.
First on the list of random topics: cats! After a suitable period of grieving for our much-loved Poppy and Sesame, we've decided it's time to move on. If all goes as planned, we will be bringing home a pair of pretty black sister-felines named Starsky and Hutch this very weekend. They're shy, but affectionate, and since they'll have their own room, the dogs won't bother them until they're ready to be bothered.
As for naps... well, that's what I wish I could take right now. The long weekend was lovely, but warm and sticky, and that meant I did a lot of resting in between my chores, to keep from overheating. My body gets used to those rest periods very easily, and protests going back to the regular workday and being asked to stay awake and alert for long periods, even in air conditioning. Oh well.
Of course, cats, and dogs, also take naps. Our dogs are enthusiastic nappers, especially Buddy the big dog, who snores. Heroically. Brando the little dog seldom snores, but he does dream a lot, and sometimes runs, or jumps, or barks in his dreams. And then he wakes up, and runs, and jumps, and barks all over the house. Must be nice.
Now for tips. Once again, I've got people asking me how to get my originals, which would work much better if they'd left me some way to contact them rather than signing in as a guest on fanfiction... but bah, it's not a big deal. So, here is the list:
  • If you have any form of Amazon's Kindle, my original work is available through all Amazon marketplaces.
  • If you have another type of e-reader or a tablet that reads e-books, or even just a personal computer or smartphone, my originals can be found on Barnes and Noble, Apple's iBooks, Kobo, etc, or straight from the source at Smashwords (which also has Kindle's .mobi files available).
  • If you would rather read my original works via a subscription service, where you pay so much a month for unlimited access to their catalog, they are all available via Scribd and Oyster.
All of these outlets, as far as I am aware, accept both credit/debit cards and PayPal accounts, and I am told that PayPal is the easiest way of paying for items online if you live outside the United States. My apologies for lack of links above, but the computer I'm working on at the moment won't allow me to go to some of these sites.
If you want paper books, the options are twofold: order through any US or European Amazon affiliate, or go to my Etsy site (recently refreshed after someone asked me about the listings and I realized they'd all lapsed -- whoops!). Fair warning, the shipping costs from Etsy are going to be high if you live outside the US, since this involves me buying the books at my author price and shipping them off myself. You do, however, get them signed this way. The choice is yours.
So, having rambled on for long enough this time, I think I shall take my leave. Expect more writing soon, and perhaps an actual Fiction Friday post this Friday... or perhaps not. I am, after all, coming to a very exciting moment in the Dangerverse. For anyone who hasn't read Surpassing Danger because they didn't want to wait for updates, this might be a good time to start! Thanks as always for reading, and see you next time!

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NotACat on Tuesday, September 02, 2014 1:34 PM
Yay, kittehs ^_^ Our little boys are still mostly living in the conservatory and coming out for brief periods to stretch their legs…for which read "zoom around smithereening stuff" ;-) The boy Roger has met them but we're not letting them interact significantly until they're a bit calmer, or somebody's going to get hurt…
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