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Celebrate good times

Come on! And yes, you do now probably have that song playing in your head. Look up those first five words if you have no idea what I mean. You might never get it out of your head, and if so, my evil plan has been fulfilled! Mwahaha! And yes, of course I am evil. I am, in fact, the panther author goddess of evil, or PAGE. (Long story.)
In any case, what I mean by celebrating good times is twofold. It may still be August, but Christmas and this year's holiday special are coming up fast. Of course, Halloween and the ending of the DV are coming even faster! Are you ready for that? Maybe. I'm still not sure if I am, but here it comes anyway.
But all questions of readiness aside, I think that I am going to do a couple things regarding my original fiction to celebrate the ending of such an amazing fan fiction journey. First, I'm going to temporarily drop the price of all my original e-books, starting on October 26, 2014, which is ten years to the day after that first chapter of Living with Danger was posted on
How far will I drop them? Well, on Amazon, I only get the 70% royalty for prices between $2.99 and $9.99, and $2.99 seems fair as a sale price for my longer works. The holiday specials may go down lower than that, since they are awfully short. As for my Smashwords books, I try to keep my prices fair across all platforms, so I'll probably follow suit there.
But speaking of the holiday specials, that's my other piece of news. For the holiday season 2014, I plan to drop the price of Sing We Now of Christmas, the 2012 special, as far as it can go. That's right -- the e-book is going to be free. On Smashwords and related distributors, at least. I don't know if I can do that on Kindle Direct Publishing... guess I'm going to find out!
I was also thinking about possible coupons for free e-books to any one of my regular fan fiction readers who could, say, answer a short DV quiz, but I'm uncertain about that. An awful lot of the people who'd go for something like that probably already own my books, or are waiting to buy them because they don't have an e-reader (you can read them on your computer screen, you know, very much like fan fiction).
So, O readers, I put it to you. Are my plans good ones? Could they be tweaked here and there? Are they horrible and awful and I should abandon them immediately? Thoughts welcome, though I do hope none of them fall into the latter category. Thanks as always for reading, and there will be more Dangerverse and more blogging tomorrow on Fiction Friday! Now to decide what to write for it...

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NotACat on Thursday, August 28, 2014 9:46 AM
Sounds like a plan. As usual, I'll be looking for soft- and hard-copy versions of the new holiday special, the latter signed if you're doing that again, so saving a few pennies is always welcome ;-)
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Thora on Thursday, August 28, 2014 11:45 AM
I like the coupon idea! Definitely like the discounts idea as well. I have not read your originals for a couple of reasons. One being dropping off the face of the Web for a long while. I have since been pacing my book purchases due to lack of funds so it would help move that along! It's been a blast to read your work again.
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