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Avoiding writing by blogging

Except that blogging is also writing. And having typed that, I proceeded to spend the next ten minutes getting tea, running errands, checking email, etc. My end-of-story nerves, as I Tweeted a little while ago, are starting to creep up, and this set will be a doozy, because I cannot think of any other project on which I have spent ten years.
And what will I have to show for it, when I'm all done with the Dangerverse? Well, I'll be able to point at it and say, "Look what I did!" And people will be impressed. Maybe. And then they'll shrug, and go on with their lives, and never think of me again. Which isn't fair, I know a lot of you will think of me, but that's what it feels like sometimes.
I do need to get around to templating up Surpassing Danger to make the printable files for Lulu. And yes, if you haven't heard, the DV stories through Facing Danger, as well as Be Careful, are available in print form. The prices are a bit high, but it's all materials costs -- I make no money from it. See my Useful Links page for more info!
Hmm, now there's an idea. I have almost all the printed DV books, or Krystal and my sister do between them (though my sister has read most of hers to death). What if, once the SD books are made, I ordered a full set, bundled in my originals, and got my next professional author picture taken while leaning on my big old stack o' books?
And yes, it really would be leaning. I'm short, if you didn't know. Five feet two inches, which Google informs me is equivalent to one hundred fifty-seven centimeters. Just the DV books already living in our little house would probably stack up high enough for me to sit on, and when we add in the rest of FD, all of SD, BC, and my originals...
Well, it's a lot of words, which represent a lot of time, and work, and love. And every so often, hate, but anything that's truly loved is sometimes hated a little as well. My writing has brought me both pleasure and pain over the years, and I hope it has done the same for you, and will continue to do so. Only in the best of ways, of course.
In closing, I have a semi-serious request. Would somebody mind purchasing one of my e-books on Barnes and Noble, Kobo, or Smashwords, within the next two weeks or so? Smashwords has implemented a new daily sales chart, and I've had a couple sales from Apple, which come up blue. Curious to see what colors the other retailers are!
Writing on Twelfth Knight has not yet begun, but the story is assembling in my head so as to be ready when I do sit down to it. Writing on other originals is still rather stalled, but that's because the brainpower is devoted to the end of the Dangerverse, which is going pretty well, actually. As long as I can get Chapter 61 to behave for me!
Thanks, as always, for reading (and maybe passing a link or two along to friends? Couldn't hurt), and I will see you all tomorrow with Fiction Friday! Now to choose which universe I should write in... decisions, decisions...

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Alicia on Monday, August 25, 2014 10:17 PM
I totally want to see that picture! All kidding aside, taking the picture is a great idea. Writing is writing whether you can sell it or not, and besides being your Journeyman work, I think DV is still your best (not to diminish "Homecoming" or "Killdeer" or any of the other stories I loved so much). (And I haven't even read "Be Careful" yet, although it is on the list.) Regarding work lasting -- especially in the Internet culture where as long as things are still posting they're hot, once they're over that's that -- it doesn't work quite like that for me. I'm grateful to DV first of all for what it's brought into my personal life, how that's changed forever. Tiffy still feels too shy to do a lot of writing online, but we're working on thank-you cards, letters, and cookies to send to you (that should be in the mail on Friday) -- I know she feels the same about our personal lives. But just as a story and nothing related to it -- I have a lot of stories that I've read, thought "that was enjoyable," and moved on -- but I have a really equal number (at least) of stories I've read over and over and over that have forever changed my outlook. (That's why I read so comparatively little to most people, and so comparatively slowly -- rereading is most of the fun.) Dangerverse slipped between the categories of "that's enjoyable" and "this is going to change my outlook forever" somewhere between chapters ten and twenty. I was thinking about it at Mass two weeks ago because we were singing the Matt Maher song with the lyric, "your friendship, so intimate, I find I'm moving to the rhythms of your grace, your fragrance is intoxicating in this secret place," and it hit me that I have a new context for intimacy with God that I didn't have before. I could go on listing examples, I'll save that for my letter, but you have and are accomplishing something very real. Good luck with chapter 61 (or have you moved on yet)? :)
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