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Think, think, think

As the Dangerverse winds towards its conclusion (and let me just say in passing, YIKES), I cannot help but wonder. Have I done all I could for you, O readers, these last ten years? Have I kept you excited to see what happened, intrigued by the secrets, contented with my twists on Harry Potter canon? In other words, how'm I doing?
The reason I ask is that the Dangerverse has a strong hold on my mind. So strong, in fact, that new stories often take DV shapes in my head without my intention. And I think that perhaps, O readers, some of you, the ones who've been with me for quite a while, would enjoy seeing those stories. Tell me if I'm wrong... that's what I thought.
But then, am I shortchanging new readers? Am I writing with so many inside jokes that anyone who hasn't been here from the beginning will be lost and confused and give up on ever understanding me? Or is that just a side effect of writing as complicated of stories as I do? Which is, believe you me, not intentional at all!
So, I wonder if there could be a way to satisfy everybody. If there could, say, be a series of stories which is based on the DV, but is also enjoyable to someone coming at it cold. If it has nuggets of fun buried in it for people who've read and loved the DV, but doesn't scream "INSIDE JOKE HERE" to anyone who hasn't. Survey says...
Well, I don't know what the survey says. I know what I think, which is that I gave it a good old try when I published Homecoming, my second original novel, very definitely based on the DV -- and on elements of the DV, I will have you know, that didn't come into play in the actual fan fiction for another year! (Yes, I'm a dork. You knew this.)
But is writing just based on the Dangerverse enough? Or should there be actual, material rewards for those who have loved the DV for a long time, say, free stories or even full free books? Is that disadvantaging those who are new to my worlds, or is it rewarding those who have been faithful? I can't decide, O readers. Can you?
And as for writing based on the DV, there's two schools of thought about that as well. Some of my readers say they would love to see original works based on the DV, while others feel that it would be too repetitive, that I should let those characters rest and move on. Sounds great. Got any brilliant ideas you'd care to share with the class?
The fact is, I'm not the greatest at coming up with fully, wholly, entirely original ideas. I do my best writing, at least so far, when I have something to springboard off. In the case of A Widow in Waiting, that was "Celtic Thunder: Storm"; in the case of Homecoming, obviously, the Dangerverse, which itself springboards off HP canon.
As for Killdeer -- well, I don't think I'll tell you where that idea came from. It's a secret, as deep and dark as what the B stands for in my name. Mwahaha. But I have a lot of decisions to make, O readers, and some of them could influence the course of the rest of my life. Any help you'd care to give me would be very welcome.
Though looking back at the past, it's almost always the small and seemingly inconsequential things that make the difference. Case in point. Lounging on a futon in my college dorm room, almost ten years ago, gazing up at our Harry Potter beach towel curtains, and thinking, "Huh. What if Hermione had an older sister?"
Thanks for coming with me on this particular long, strange trip, O readers. Forgive me if I hope it's far from the last one we take together. Now, if you'll excuse me? Chapter 61 is calling my name, and then I need to decide what I'm doing for my Personal Novel Writing Month in September. See you (I hope) on Thursday!

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NotACat on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 2:04 PM
I for one would love to read just about anything you write. I wouldn't worry about hiding inside jokes: that just makes it better for a new reader when they manage to work it out. If you're worried about somehow connecting everything together, might I remind you of the perfect mechanism which you yourself invented: the Legendbreakers? Might I also remind you of the story you were going to write based on DVĂ—Trycanta: wasn't it called something like "Dangerous Truths"? Come to that, the whole of Trycanta is crying out to be populated ;-)
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Great Lakes Molly on Tuesday, August 19, 2014 8:10 PM
I think you know that I am looking forward to seeing brand new characters and stories. I have seen that you can do amazing things playing off of an established world, story, etc. I know a lot of writers have been doing similar things: retelling or doing riffs off of myths or fairytales or established novels. I ask that you keep looking for new things to play off of. Historical events with hidden fantasy elements? Characters from Chaucer in the modern world? If any of it sounds lame, just realize I'm short on sleep and trying to avoid work and then dismiss it. Thanks!
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greatlakes molly on Wednesday, August 20, 2014 9:05 PM
The other comment reminded me that, yes, I would like to see more Trycanta. I love that world!
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Scott on Thursday, August 21, 2014 4:15 PM
I think I mostly get the inside jokes, so I'm not sure how they'd come across for someone coming to it fresh. Of course, it's entirely possible there are some that I don't get, but if so they're subtle enough I never noticed. Which could be a good sign. As for other questions, I like DV based stuff, and different stuff, and I think you do pretty well at making even things based on similar ideas or characters to DV express differently enough to be fresh. Write what occurs to you!
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The Imaginatrix on Monday, September 01, 2014 9:00 PM
Anne, you are an AMAZING writer. The DV is so marvelously complex and I have loved every minute of it. Your unique voice, the style of your fiction, has coloured all of your works, and that makes them awesome however much they have been influenced by external forces. Don't doubt yourself. The DV has helped you hone your skills to their current keen edge. Things can only get better from here, and given how awesome your writing already is, that's an exciting prospect. I promise I will snap up your original works as soon as I have the finances to do so (unless you're planning on turning them into audiobooks and making them available on Audible. That would be FANTASTIC).
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Hannah on Tuesday, October 07, 2014 10:35 AM
Anne, your writing is fantastic and I'd buy absolutely anything you've done or could do. DV-based, Trycanta, Glensicor (apologies if misspelled), Legend-breakers, etc. If you write, I'll buy it.
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