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From Amazon to zucchini

As promised, a widely-spanning blog post today, though I am afraid I have no pictures of garden produce for you at the moment. Perhaps on Saturday I will post a series of pictures, to show you how I transform one large zucchini and a few cups of baking supplies into a delicious batch of muffins. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
The Amazon in today's title refers to a very cheering trend. I log into my Amazon account every few days, and what have I been discovering there? Sales. Only a couple so far, but still. Sales. My numbers had been flatlined for several months, so the spikes, tiny as they are, bring cheer to my heart and verve to my fingers.
If A was for Amazon, B has to be for boiler, which is the main heat source for my house, and is as old as the house, that is, twice my age at least. It's held up valiantly through the last two winters, but the time has come to replace it. Wish me and the roommate luck as we embark on the journey of having work done on the house.
Further down the alphabet, we come to L, for Linmyra, the language spoken on my world of Trycanta. Interest in it is spiking again on a Facebook group that follows my writing, so I will have to hook up my old computer this weekend and transfer over all my documents, including my full Linmyra notes. Don't let me forget, O readers!
Next door to L is M, which stands for mattress, as in a new one of those, too. My old one was bought when I left college, so I was more than overdue for a replacement, and WOW. I forgot what it was like to sleep this deeply. The cool weather also helps a lot...the only problem now is that I don't want to get up in the morning!
Further down still is T, for toaster, or rather toaster oven. Someone in my office is either trying to spite me, or is just deeply stupid. I put up a sign, as requested by our cleaning lady, asking people not to leave the toaster oven on. This morning, I came into the breakroom and smelled overheated metal. Toaster oven left on. Le sigh.
W is for writing, which is happening at quite a fast pace, even if it is all currently fan fiction. Working towards the climax of the Dangerverse (eleven chapters to go!) makes me happy, and seems to keep you, O readers, happy as well. Now if I could just bottle up a bit of this energy and save it for dry times during noveling...
And that brings me around to Z for zucchini, the only things in our little garden the deer aren't munching as fast as they appear. Still, this year's garden was just to see if things would grow. Which they will. Next year, better netting, and fewer zucchini plants. Not that I don't enjoy eating zucchini, but moderation in all things.
Thus, having covered the entire alphabet (well, some of it, anyway), I take my leave for the day. Fiction Friday is tomorrow -- let me know if there's a particular 'verse you would like to visit, and if that zucchini-muffin-baking montage sounds like fun for Saturday! Thanks for reading, as always, and see you next time!

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NotACat on Thursday, August 14, 2014 5:45 PM
The zucchini, or courgette as we know them here in the UK, is a vastly underrated vegetable. We love them (and no doubt the cubs of the Pack were well used to them ;-) and even the teenager, who pretends to be "sensitive", noms them down without noticing! Coincidentally, we're looking to try making some "courgette herb bread" this weekend: I'll let you know how we get on!
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