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Wherever you go...

As per the old saying, wherever you go, there you are. I find this useful in dealing with all sorts of negative people, very much including reviewers, but also in thinking about new fictional settings and story ideas. Wherever my characters go, whatever they do, they'll still all be people, who have virtues, vices, desires, and dislikes.
So, my first line of thought when dealing with any new story runs like this: How would people, with all their different VVDD, respond to X set of circumstances? Indeed, what would X set of circumstances tend to produce in terms of VVDD? And what is thinkable, or unthinkable, in this culture which is the opposite in mine, the author's?
After all, wherever I write, there I am. If you gave me and nine other writers the same set of circumstances, same starting lineup of characters, same plot outline, even, we'd still produce ten very different stories. Which is a good thing, or what would be the point of having more than one writer in the human race?
Of course, we have far more than one writer. Far, far, far more. Bookstores are jam-packed, websites even more so, and yes, I am about to add to the "problem" (since the only problematic side I see to it is that people who might like my writing may get overwhelmed) by starting this year's holiday special, entitled... Twelfth Knight!
I will now pause for groans.
Yes, that's a horrible pun. What were you expecting? The story, at least, has nothing to do with the Shakespeare play, being instead a cross between the Greek myth of Persephone and one of the variants of the fairy tale "The Twelve Dancing Princesses". And yes, I do know it's August. Hallmark releases their Christmas ornaments in July.
But seriously, I won't spend too much time blethering on about Twelfth Knight just yet. Most of you would probably like to enjoy the present season, and the next one, without having Christmas thrust upon you out of time. Exceptions for people like the roommate who would play Christmas music all year if I'd let her. So I will just say...
Well, I think I've already said it, as it happens. Persephone and "Twelve Dancing Princesses" (the variant with the little gardener instead of the old soldier, if anyone's keeping score at home), with themes of family love, self-forgiveness, and judging people on their own merits or lack thereof, not those of the groups they belong to.
As for other original writing, at the moment it's on hiatus. After all, I released two novels and two and a half short story collections in 2013, then capped the year off with an unpleasant personal experience. Added to that, the Dangerverse is coming to a boil, and the rewards from DV chapters are immediate, while originals take time.
So for right now, I shall continue working on the DV, get started with Twelfth Knight, continue to put out my little Fiction Friday posts, maybe work on a few other short stories here and there, and attempt to get my real-world life in order. (And perhaps locate the feline creature who is leaving small furry presents on the front walk.)
Many thanks, O readers, for keeping up with my insanity. For anyone who wants to bolster my courage, please consider investing three, four, or five dollars in an Anne original, through your e-book store of choice. Or you could pay nine dollars a month for a Scribd account and read everything I've written, and lots of other authors too!
End of shameless plug. Go plug yourselves into some good reading somewhere, and I shall see you all on Thursday, where I hope to have more news about my writing. And possibly zucchini.

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NotACat on Tuesday, August 12, 2014 2:15 PM
As you know, I have paper and electronic copies of everything you have produced so far: I have no intention of letting my collection become incomplete ;-) So I'm looking forward to getting my hands on Twelfth Knight just as soon as I can send you the money ^_^
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Haminac on Thursday, August 14, 2014 3:42 AM
It's very thrilling to read your enthusiasm for writing coming back. I'm also curious to see how the "end" of DV will work out not only in the story but also on you, because it will be such a huge thing finished. I hope the good spirits keep ambushing you!
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lilyginnyrose on Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:27 AM
I can't wait for christmas. I always love your holiday specials.
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