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Pups and downs

I suppose I should save the title of this post for a few weeks from now, when football season starts, but I like it too much, so here it is today. I have indeed been feeling the effects of the emo-coaster lately, but what else is new. I'm human, and easily frustrated by things like demanding bosses, unending chores, and rude reviewers.
Fortunately, I have dogs. Buddy the big dog and Brando the little dog do add to the aforementioned frustration at times, but they also subtract from it. There is just something about being leaned against by fifty, or ninety-two, pounds of big black furry affection. When their humans are nearby, they think, nothing can be wrong.
People who have no pets are often confused when I refer to my "puppies", especially when they see a picture and realize how large the dogs are. People who do have pets will understand. They're your puppies, or your kitties, or other affectionate diminutives, no matter how big they get. Kind of like your kids are always your kids.
Having dogs, especially these dogs, really is a lot like having children. Specifically, a pair of brothers, a hyperactive and mischief-making three-year-old, and a patient, calm, obedient six-year-old. The little one tears around the house looking for trouble, and the big one just hangs out until provoked, at which point doggy havoc takes over.
Are dogs a lot of work, a considerable expense, occasionally an unqualified nuisance? Yes. Do I regret having them? Not often. Once in a while when the little one does his business in the basement rather than in the yard. Do I know what people used to watch in the evenings before there was TV? *dodges rolling play-fight* Absolutely.
Of course, people didn't just watch their animals for entertainment way back when (which casual phrase reflects, I will point out, the vast, vast majority of the human experience). They entertained themselves, and most often that was either with music or with storytelling, or with some extension of storytelling like theater or poetry.
Today, our methods of delivering stories (because the best songs tell stories too) may have changed, but our hunger for those stories hasn't altered one bit. As one of my commenters from last time pointed out, there is a case for storytelling being the definitive human characteristic, the one thing we do that no other species does.
Unless, of course, we meet them out there someday.
But that's another story.
Writing on the fan fiction front continues well (I hope to have more definite news tomorrow) and writing in the original category... eh. I'm tossing ideas down on paper as they come to me. Anything more will probably have to wait for NaNo. Should I do a holiday special this year? Maybe one longer story instead of a bunch of shorts? Let me know thoughts, O readers, and thanks as always for sticking with me!

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Great Lakes Molly on Thursday, August 07, 2014 11:59 AM
I would love to see one longer piece. I know that everyone tends to beg for something in their favorite universe. But I've found that when you've given yourself to a single story, the results of all that focus is always worth it. May your week be bearable and story-friendly.
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Alex Conall on Thursday, August 07, 2014 12:37 PM
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Scott on Thursday, August 07, 2014 5:50 PM
I'd certainly enjoy a holiday special if one comes to you, but I also enjoy all your other writing - so whatever happens is fine with me!
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lilyginnyrose on Thursday, August 14, 2014 9:24 AM
You're so right about your animals always staying puppies or kitties or whatever. She's my little kitty, even though she's as fat as (whatever is supposed to be fat)
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