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Once upon a reality

Since there will be no Fiction Friday post next week, the post for today ought to be extra special. Unfortunately, most of my brainpower is currently directed towards fan fiction and the satisfactory scribbling of same. I've been writing the Dangerverse for nearly ten years, so it seems fitting that I put plenty of effort into finishing strong.
Consequently, today's Fiction Friday post, instead of being a truly fictional piece of imagination, will be a lightly fictionalized memory of your author, O readers. You see, when I was a child, I did not have much of a sweet tooth (still don't) and so the traditional cake-and-punch birthday party at school had to be changed around a bit...
Here's hoping you enjoy, and remember, I will be out of touch starting today and ending Monday, July 7. Leave me lots of love and comments to come back to, and happy summer!
Anna yawned behind her hand as she and her classmates clattered up the stairs from the basement of their school's old building. It's not that art class is boring. Exactly. It's just that I'm not good at art—I'd rather do music—and my brain's already in summer mode.
She glanced out of the glassed-in breezeway at the cars passing on the road outside and let her mind wander. With summer comes camp, and lots of time outside, and watching the little ones during the time outside. Making sure the baby doesn't get sunburned or bee-stung or eaten alive by mosquitoes, keeping the sister from escaping the bathtub and running down the street naked, explaining to the brother that just because worms are awesome doesn't mean they can live in the house...
And after summer would come one of the biggest changes in Anna's life. Her acceptance to Lady's House Preparatory School lay in the place of honor on the dining room table at home, and she was just as proud of that as she could be, but somehow the butterflies still started in her stomach every time she thought about it. High school, after all, was going to be an awfully big change for a girl who'd attended classes in the same two buildings for the last nine years.
But that's not until September. And I have something much better than school in between. A smile came to Anna's face as she thought about it. I have a birthday. I'm going to be fourteen whole years old...
"Hey, Anna." Jen, one of the more popular girls in the eighth-grade class, was half turned around in front of her. "Are we ever having your birthday party this year?"
"I don't know." Anna shrugged, hiding the little pang she felt at the thought of it. "I'm probably too old for that now."
"Aw, come on," Jen protested. "Your parties were always the best!"
"Yeah, yours were more fun than anybody's," chimed in Tony, who already loomed over his classmates and threatened to hit another growth spurt at any moment. "Everybody else just brought cupcakes or ice cream or things. Your mom brought stuff we got to touch and play with and then bake and eat. Plus we got a period off class to do it!"
"That was pretty fun." Anna grinned, buoyed up by the fact that her classmates had enjoyed her unusual celebrations through the years of grade school. "And just because I don't like sweet things..."
She stopped as the class rounded the final corner. Their teacher, Ms. Miller, was standing at the entrance to the new building, and beside her, smiling widely, with a big metal bowl under her arm—
"Mom!" Anna blurted, almost drowned out by her classmates' cheering. "You're here!"
"Of course I am." Anna's mother stepped forward and kissed her daughter's cheek. "Bread dough and all. You didn't think I was going to deprive everybody of one more chance to make birthday pretzels, did you?"

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lilyginnyrose on Sunday, June 29, 2014 5:25 AM
your mother is AWESOME!Serieusly, that's cool. I hope you still make pretzels sometimes. Some traditions are too good to stop with.
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Scott on Friday, July 04, 2014 10:40 AM
Yum, birthday pretzels!
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