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Spoiler alert

The title of the Fiction Friday post for today plays two roles. While it is the title of the flash fiction I shall be offering you shortly, it is also a very real warning. If you read either my fan fiction Dangerverse, or my original series the Chronicles of Glenscar, there's a definite possibility that you may learn something you didn't know.
I might have used today to grow another pretty little fairy tale tree, except that one of my commenters is unpleasantly fond of the chainsaw of real world logic. So I will avoid fairy tales for the time being, except for the element of them which exists in just about everything I write. I am, after all, five years old in many regards.
Speaking of the Dangerverse, Surpassing Danger is updating regularly again. If you've given up reading it because you never knew when the next chapter was coming, I think I can promise that they will be fairly regular, one every couple of weeks, from now until the story is done. And afterwards... well, who can say?
Please enjoy today's Fiction Friday post featuring my Legendbreakers universe, the chapter of SD I posted last night, and anything else of mine you may care to! (A quick reminder that in this 'verse, a "ridge" is an original story, like canon HP, and a "tell" is a story based on an original but with a deliberate difference, like the DV.)
Jeanie yawned as she poured herself another cup of tea. "Anything good in the library?" she asked her twin, who was seated at the kitchen table, poring over the list of books which updated itself every morning, "just like magic".
"Mmm." Fox ran his finger down the list and stopped at an entry near the end. "Don't know what you consider good, but our tell's got another chapter out."
"Does it?" Jeanie leaned over her brother's shoulder. "It does. Has anyone figured it out about your illustrious ancestors yet?"
"A couple people have a pretty good idea." Fox grinned. "The Chronicler's got most of them bamboozled, though. Can't wait to see their faces three chapters from now, when they find out what's going on with those rings, and that one line that looked like a throwaway about learning how to palm things."
"And the other time someone did 'quite a creditable imitation' of something else." Jeanie snickered into her teacup. "I like the way that a podcaster got it right with a complete and total guess, all those years ago."
"Everyone has to get lucky sometime." Fox rose to his feet and arched his back in a fluid stretch. "I know what I'm waiting for. A nice little book with a pretty picture of a fire on the cover. Think she's ever getting back to that one?"
"I think," said Jeanie pointedly, "that she had to get over some unpleasant happenings in her life first. And that she had to realize she'd been on a wrong track with her one chapter, and set it aside as possible material to go somewhere else."
"All right, all right. I'm not criticizing, just saying." Fox nipped Jeanie's teacup out of her hand and took a sip himself. "Funny how the title of the book is about fire, and the two main characters are all to do with fire, but there's a whole subplot dealing with water. The uncle who they all joke is 'married to the sea', and the brother who's only allowed to go swimming when he's at home, and so on and so forth."
"Opposites attract, I suppose." Jeanie looked up at a shuffling noise and smiled. "Speaking of which."
"Nnnuhh," was the only comment from the direction of the tall, disheveled ginger who was shielding his eyes from the blazing sunlight pouring through the open window of the kitchen. Jeanie sighed, crossed to her husband's side, and flipped down the back of his collar before unbuttoning his shirt and redoing it correctly.
"Why I put up with you," she said, returning to the teapot to pour another cup, "I don't know."
"Twue wove," lisped Fox from his seat at the table, clasping his hands and tilting his head.
The cup of tea in Jeanie's hand mysteriously transported itself to a spot directly above Fox, who yelped and cowered. "I'm sorry! I'm sorry!"
"Good." Jeanie called the tea back and handed it to her man. "Stay that way."
"He can't help it," muttered Rich, taking a gulp of the hot liquid. "It's habit by now."
Fox glared at him. "Must you quote the ridge films at me? You know how much I hate those things."
"Which would be exactly why he does it." Jeanie leaned back against the counter. "Ah, mornings."

4 Comments to Spoiler alert:

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Amelia Zhou on Friday, June 20, 2014 7:50 PM
Yeah, I've pretty much given up on figuring out Daffyd and Amanda at this point...
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Geoffrey on Saturday, June 21, 2014 12:02 AM
Apologies. I'll be nicer to your fairy tales from now on.

Oh, and you shouldn't be spoiling us. It just makes us want more. (Or do I have that the wrong way round?)
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Carole on Saturday, June 21, 2014 4:27 PM
I'm glad to see that things are looking up for you. And especially that Fire seems to be (somewhat) sorted out. Never having been a writer, I can only imagine the frustration that something like that causes. I guess you could say that I have terminal writer's block - I can't write ANYthing. And of course, now I'm probably going to have to start a reread to figure out what rings you are talking about. any hints on where I should start? Pretty please? A podcast? Hmmm. Unfortunately, I only know about the BC one. I guess I'll just have to anxiously await the next update.
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lilyginnyrose on Saturday, June 21, 2014 5:41 PM
Must you be so mean? I mean, it's very good to, well, see some Draco again. I've missed those smart little remarks. even if it's not DV verse fox, at least here, he's okay. And you're also mean, for telling us we're right about something, and not telling it outright. for hinting but not revealing, for building so much anticipation... But of course, we all love you for it.
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