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When one is an author with a day job, a house, and dependents, that sentence fragment has many endings, though none of them are quite the same as the original meaning of the phrase, namely, I am barely able to restrain myself from punching your face in. (Though after the morning I've been having at work... but I digress.)
My dependents happen to be four-legged and furry, but for this discussion, that's beside the point. They still need me, both materially and emotionally. In the same way, my house is fairly small, but it's still a house. Dust and fur settle on floors and shelves, dishes get dirty from cooking and eating, weeds pop up in garden and yard.
Is this a lead-in to yet another dreary blog post talking about how I haven't been writing? Surprisingly, no. Or not entirely. I haven't been writing nearly as much, or on the projects, that I would prefer (yes, I do know Surpassing Danger hasn't updated in nearly a month, and longer for The Spell of Sealing), but I have been writing.
Since today is Thunder Thursday, I will give you, O readers of all things Glenscar, the bad news/good news split. Bad news: There's still very little movement on Playing with Fire as a whole. Good news: Tomorrow's Fiction Friday post will be a Glenscar short-short -- will, in fact, be a moment which may well appear in PwF.
Also, I've just done a little playing with spreadsheets, and discovered an interesting pattern. The time between the release of my novels has been pretty consistently in the range of eight to ten months, and I just put out Killdeer at the end of November. Knowing me, about half of that time is needed for mental recovery. Which means...
Well, honestly, it may not mean much of anything, especially with what happened near the end of December. I refuse to use the accident, or missing my cats, as an excuse, but life hasn't been all sunshine and roses since then either, and writing Glenscar requires a very particular mindset which has been a bit hard to get into.
So, what can I tell you? Not a heck of a lot that's concrete, except that there will be a Glenscar flash fiction tomorrow (very possibly called "How Sweet the Sound", which is a truly horrible stealth pun), there should be fanfic updates in the near future, and I'm doing my best for everything else. I'll tell you more when there's more to be told.
Thank you to everyone who has, and continues to, visit the website, comment on the blog or on Facebook, follow on Twitter, review the fanfics or (especially!) the originals. I often feel like I don't give you enough credit, but please believe me, you do make a difference. See you all tomorrow on Fiction Friday, and as always, thanks!

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lilyginnyrose on Thursday, April 03, 2014 1:49 PM
hey, I just have something, unrelated to your blog post, to share with you. Well actually it is related, and the common denominator between your blog and my news is you! I now, finally, have access to the ANNE ORIGINALS. Your post about how to do this without a creditcard helped, a lot. I now have a scribd account, which I pay for by paypal (which seems to be slightly illegal to use, since I'm not eightteen yet, but that hasn't given me any problem) which is linked to my bank account. I can't wait to get started on them. Is there a particular order in which they can be read best, or does it make no difference? I'll start with homecoming anyway, I think, but after that, I don't know. And now, i'm waisting time here, telling you I CAN read, while not doing it. So, I'll see you tomorrow, at fiction friday, if I manage to come out of the books, that is. THANKS SO MUCH!!! FOR WRITING AND FOR YOUR POST EXPLAINING THINGS!!
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Scott on Thursday, April 03, 2014 7:32 PM
Why, could How Sweet the Sound possibly feature Grace being Amazing? ;-) Glad to hear you're feeling a bit better, and I shall look forward to the flash. Now off to get ready for opening night of Macbeth!
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NotACat on Friday, April 04, 2014 5:32 AM
Having been attacked by your "stealth" puns before, I'm bracing for impact…not to mention brewing up some very strong tea and stashing away some nice dark chocolate to aid my subsequent recovery ;-)
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