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Logic and logistics

I thought I perhaps should devote a post to the mechanics of obtaining an Anne B. Walsh original, both e-book and paperback, since a great many people have been asking. So, O readers, this one's for you! Nice, clear directions, in an easy-to-read format, and if it's popular I might just scoot it over onto the main website!
Which is not to say I haven't been writing. I have. The writing is just very slow, and not, perhaps, in the places that most of you (and I!) would prefer that it be. But it will get faster, and migrate, and eventually we will have our new chapters and novels and short story collections. Patience, as I'm sure I've heard somewhere, is a virtue.
So. Our journey begins with you, O reader, as you sit at your computer, or with your phone or your tablet or your e-reader, and think to yourself, "Hmm. I'd really like to read that book of Anne's." Whether "that book" be A Widow in Waiting, Homecoming, Killdeer, Cat Tales, or one of the holiday collections, your journey has now begun!
The next question is, what sort of machine are you using -- or are you an old-fashioned sort who will read blogs and Facebook updates on a screen, but you prefer your books on paper? There are options for everyone. To wit:
If you want a paper book, and you live in the US, the UK, or continental Europe, you can order any of the above from your local Amazon affiliate (US site linked), for not too much more than your standard novel plus shipping. If you live in the US, or you don't mind paying extra for overseas shipping, try my Etsy shop for a signed copy!
If you want an e-copy, your options are more numerous, but also more limited. What are you planning to read it with? If the answer involves the word "Kindle", or if you're using the Kindle app on your computer or tablet, then once again, your local Amazon (same link as above -- nice little homepage, isn't it?) will probably do the trick for you.
However, if you have any other type of e-reader, or if you're reading on an iPad or iPhone, or another tablet or computer with a program like Adobe Digital Editions, then you may want one of my other sites, all of which originate with Smashwords. They send my work out to Barnes and Noble, Apple, Kobo (now that Sony's closed), and...
My latest place of publication -- Scribd. For anyone unfamiliar with this site, Scribd is a subscription service for books, rather like Netflix for videos (though please, save the political commentary for later, I'm just making a comparison for purposes of how it works). Pay a fee for every month and read as many books as you like in that time.
And to answer a question asked by one of my readers, yes, I do indeed get paid for every person who reads my book on Scribd. In fact, I even get paid for people who read a part of my book on Scribd. To answer another question asked by a great many readers, my royalties on all platforms are roughly equal, between 65% and 80%.
The only real difference in where you buy your book is when I get paid, or even find out about your purchase. If you buy from Amazon (either paper or e-book), from Smashwords directly, or from Etsy, I know about your purchase within 24 hours. Buy from another site, and unless you tell me about it, I may not know for a month or so.
This is because the retailers with which Smashwords works only report their sales about once a month, and it takes even longer for the money from those sales to appear in my waiting-to-be-paid queue. Amazon's a bit better, but there's still quite a lag between when you pay for one of my books and when I get paid for that book.
But, life isn't fair, and we all know it. So I shall close with a note to European readers: I understand that credit cards, or lack of them, can make life difficult when dealing with American-based websites. I know for a fact Smashwords takes PayPal, and I believe Amazon does as well. And as one of my readers will tell you, PayPal is easy.
So, having blathered on long enough, I shall close with my usual statements. Things like "thank you for reading", things like "please remember to comment and/or review", things like "see you next time"... though when will next time be? Oh, that's right. Tomorrow, on Fiction Friday. *rubs hands in glee* See you then! Mwahaha...

3 Comments to Logic and logistics:

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Carole on Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:23 PM
I like Etsy. Got signed copies for myself, along with personalized Christmas presents for my sister. :)
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Carole on Thursday, March 27, 2014 9:24 PM
I like Etsy. I got signed copies for myself, plus personalized girts for my sister.
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haminac on Friday, March 28, 2014 4:37 AM
This blog post makes me happy :D Yepp, I'd like to reinforce that statement about the easyness of PayPal ;] So I finished my Widow in Wating and loved it. I am eternally excited how you will manage to keep the second part interesting when one already knows the story. I am looking forward to it but have to admit that leaves me sceptical. The beginning was really tough for me. So many names, then some characters have more than one and they are used in a pattern which is difficult to understand until the explanation comes. I think I recognized some points from the DV but it was such small tidbits that it made me happy when I found one. Not the sort of "Oh, she obviously ran out of ideas here, didn't she?". So that was like looking for easter eggs which I rather enjoy. Once I managed the first few chapters, it just flew away. I love all the people in Glenscar though I could think of some more conflicts which could occur in such a place. I am wondering how you will manage to keep it interesting with Ellen gone. My impression was, she was the only "disliked" person around. So after this main part of the story the end confused me a little bit again... I expected the book to end at or shortly after the wedding but then it went on... I didn't understand why and then (at least for me) all out of sudden there was this "bigger threat" than Alfred. Maybe I didn't get the hints you carefully laid it throughout the story but that thing left me completely baffeled. When the story arc with Eleanor and Sean came to an end I seriously wondered what you were planning your sequels on and then this greater power came up. I had a little bit of this "Deus (or diabolus in this case?) ex machina"-feeling I have to admit. Phew. So this is already pretty long I think BUT I really want to talk about the things I liked ;] Since there were many. I love the chemistry between Grace and Thunder - It's one of the main reasons I look forward to PwF. I also love the variety of characters you are introducing and that every single one of them is embedded in my head now. Even the charactes of the e.g. the warbirds which have not so big a part in the story have a "feeling" in my head. Due to these small "in-between" scenes which are not necessary for the plot but helpful for readers like me to remember the characters. For me it is always very difficult to have "pictures" of characters in my head. Like I said it's more like "feelings" I identify them by. Therefore this style of writing is SO for me :D I also love the Irish you insert in the writing. The way you do it, I can understand what is the meaning behind them without understanding the actual words. Nevertheless the explanation in the appendix was very helpful.So now I will be off to some site selling your books to give a much shorter version of the above ;] And then maybe I need some more fuel, because the sun is shining outside and my hammock is screaming for a day of reading in it. But what should I read...? Ah, the possibilities ;]
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