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Stories and story-words

There is a difference, you know. Stories live in my head and cavort there merrily, keeping me entertained through the deadly-dull work day. Story-words flow out of my fingers or my mouth, the means by which I tell those stories to you, O readers. And just at the moment, the stories are playing nice, but the story-words... notsamuch.
Part of that is the panther's picky perfectionism. (I didn't actually intend that to be alliterative but it's not too bad.) I am easily frustrated by misbehaving story-words. The inability to find the proper adjective, the clunkiness of a quickly dictated sentence, the five verbs, none of which is quite exactly right... it makes me "ARGH".
I've had rituals in the past which seemed to help me find my story-words, and might try a few of them out again, just to see if they'll help. Lighting a candle at my desk, for instance, or wearing a certain necklace, which bears a Celtic rune for creativity. Hey, wait a minute. I picked that up this morning. I'm wearing it right now!
I can't have a candle where I am, but I can have my mug of hot, sweet tea. So the only thing left is to decide what I should write, and give myself a NaNo-style word count. Sometimes the only way to get writing again is just to write. Shall I shoot for 1667 words today, for old times' sake? (Yeah, old times. All of four months ago.)
With that settled, what should I write? The Die of Decision is at home, but I can pull out the Quarter of Quelling Quandaries (this is an alliterative day, isn't it?). Heads, fanfic, tails, originals. And then, heads, SD, tails, Spell of Sealing. Or heads, new idea, tails, continuation. And finally, heads, Glenscar writing, tails, Trycanta.
Does this all seem very odd and random, and perhaps not quite like your idea of how real writers do it? There are as many methods, O readers, as there are storytellers, which is to say as many as there are people in this crazy world of ours. And the first point of being a writer is simply to write. Even when it's rough, which it has been.
So, oddities, randomness, and all, it's time to get back into things. Send some encouragement if you can, and more silly stories and jokes. Nothing helps to lift my mood like laughing. Recommendations or requests are also welcome, though please be polite. Thanks for reading and here's hoping I have progress to report on Thursday!

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lilyginnyrose on Saturday, March 22, 2014 8:28 AM
heyy, I have something to cheer you up it's what it says it is. My favorite is the twelfth one. I want one of those too!
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