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Noun. The lag in blog posting caused by that annoying phenomenon known as real life. In this case, real life took the form of an invasion of germs resulting in an episode of sniffling, sneezing, fever, and fatigue, with the result that I slept more than half of yesterday, barely looked at my phone, and never turned on my computer at all. 
However. That was yesterday, and this is today. I still have a few sniffles left over, and a bit of a cough, but that's par for the course this time of year. I'm back to work today, and am going to try to get back to writing as well. It'll probably still be fanfic, but the more words I get written (or typed), the more likely I am to continue.
All of which is probably old news to you, O readers, but I thought I would put it out there anyway. I've also been sent a link about a special issue of Fantasy magazine (recently merged with Lightspeed, but coming back for this) called "WOMEN DESTROY FANTASY". Spin-off of "WOMEN DESTROY SCIENCE FICTION". All caps in original.
Now my only question is, what type of destruction should I wreak upon the sensitive world of fantasy? Should it be Glenscar-style destruction, or Legendbreakers, or Trycanta, or something entirely new for the occasion? It's got to be under 7500 words, which is not my best length but I can make it work... anybody have thoughts?
'Nother post tomorrow, unless I've got nothing to say, in which case there will be more blag. Thanks, as always, for reading, and I will hope to have either an update or some news of one soon! Remember, the more you respond (comment, review, recommend, etc), the more and the better I write, which means more frequent updates for you!

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Elizabeth Conall on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 12:43 PM
Doing better, I hope? I vote Legendbreakers.
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Anne on Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:17 PM
Eh. Up and down. Thanks for vote!

Alicia on Wednesday, February 26, 2014 11:45 PM
I'll leave a brief note of encouragement on FB to this effect as well -- I'm glad you're feeling better, sorry you had to go through it at all. And that's AWFULLY exciting about the magazine -- do you have a spot guaranteed, or is it something you're entering? I certainly have faith in you. As for advice on what to write, remember when you told me that the whole point of your writing was that moment of human connection shining through whatever else is going on? I would advise starting with that -- imagining the moment you want to write -- and then letting the story tell you what world it's in.
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Anne on Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:17 PM
Oh, honey. Guarantees are not for the likes of me. Thanks for the thought, though. Problem is that most of my moments can exist in many worlds, and they don't want to settle...

Frances on Thursday, February 27, 2014 6:16 AM
I personally would love to see some more Legendbreakers. That said, I will be hugely excited to read whatever you come up with! Hope you feel better!
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Anne on Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:18 PM
Yes, but which Legendbreakers? The Facebook crowd wants Eve and Suzie... how about you?

Geoffrey on Thursday, February 27, 2014 9:59 PM
I vote for a new original setting and cast. If I get a vote, that is. I don't? Oh Anne, you're so cruel sometimes. Anyways, I'd like to see what you can do when defining characters and setting in the brief form. It's a challenge, because with absolutely no backstory of any sort, you have to create a connection between audience and cast in just a few pages, and then do something profoundly interesting with it. And since it's you writing, I'd like to see something whimsical, too.
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Anne on Thursday, February 27, 2014 11:18 PM
I'm flattered that you believe I'm up to that kind of challenge right now. Thanks for the thoughts!

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