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Twelve minutes

That being how long I have to write this blog post, since that is how late the programming on a certain channel is running. Yes, occasionally my life revolves around TV. It happens to the best of us.

In any case, things I have done today: Wash dishes. Sweep floors. Make blueberry oat scones and baked bows (like lasagna, but easier, since it uses farfalle pasta and there's no layering involved). Things I have not done today: Write. Post on Facebook. Tweet. And until right now, blog. You may be seeing a pattern here. 

What can I say? Sometimes weekends just have to be spent doing (prepare to gasp) real life tasks. (Pause for gasping.) Krystal is the real star of this weekend, since she has now removed all the ancient and ugly tile from the floor of the big room in the basement. The dogs are most bemused by this new surface under their paws.

Oh wait, I'm supposed to be blogging about fan fiction, aren't I? Have to double-category this one, I think, Random Rambles and Surpassing Sundays. Surpassing Danger is in a momentary holding pattern, since this next chapter (recently retitled "Lives and Deaths" to avoid repetition) is going to be a tough one.

However, The Spell of Sealing should update within the next, oh, 48 hours. And yes, you may hold me to that, by commenting, posting on the Facebook page, sending grumpy Tweets, whatever you care to do. Remember, only YOU can prevent Anne writing! Oh wait. That came out wrong. Only YOU can encourage Anne writing!

That being all I have to say, I will sign off... hey, with two minutes to go! Off to the other room, to pet dogs and enjoy The Amazing Race. What can I say? I enjoy watching other people look like fools in exotic locations. Thanks, as always, for reading, and keep your eyes peeled for that new Sealverse chapter coming soon!

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