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A myth I would like the Mythbusters to tackle -- that it is safe to keep your cell phone in the center console of your car. You know, in one of the cup holders, where we all commonly put it when we hop behind the wheel. Where I put mine on Christmas morning, and from whence it took a leave of absence, never to be found again.

It was probably a very bad thing to discover several seasons of one of my favorite TV shows on Amazon Prime, wasn't it. Explosions and crashes and fireballs, oh my! Still, there's far worse things with which to rot my brain (or decompress). At least Mythbusters contains some good science along with the big booms. 

I was intending to write a Sampler Saturday blog post today, but I keep getting distracted by random objects, some of them not even shiny. Story ideas are coming thick and fast, both fan fiction and original, but time and energy to get them down on the page are, right now, in short supply. However, the weather's getting nicer...

That last sentence is not in fact a non sequitur. While I do enjoy winter, short days, cold weather, and snow and ice can make life rather difficult, especially with dogs who must go out on the leash, who are perfectly well aware that snow is water, and who will happily stand outside eating it for five minutes before consenting to use the yard.

So, with winter's last hurrah (I hope) coming up next week, and spring thereafter on the way, I may regain a bit of the energy I've been missing lately. The winter gnomes have been stealing it, you see. They're all terribly SAD and need energy to stay active during the shorter days. (Bonus points to anybody who knows why that's capitalized!) 

Once Buddy and Brando have dug the gnomes out of their holes for me, and I've made them give my energy back, Playing with Fire is my first priority, as I am in fact still hoping to have that done this spring (probably very late spring, but still). After that, and in between working more on Surpassing Danger and The Spell of Sealing...

Well, the truth is that I'm still at somewhat of loose ends. I'm certainly planning on writing Snowball at some point in the fairly near future, but I like to have some other project working at the same time too, just to keep the brain cells flexible, and at the moment no really big ideas have settled. Anybody got one they'd like to send me? 

And thus, O readers, I conclude yet another Random Ramble, very slightly on the proper topic for the day of the week but also very much mixed-up. Bad me. I've been caught writing randomness! But wait... it says right in the title of the blog that... ah, now I'm just confusing myself. Thanks for reading and see you tomorrow, I hope!

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Elizabeth Conall on Saturday, February 22, 2014 6:50 PM
I hear there are such things as sun lamps designed to counter the effects of SAD. Is this a thing you've looked into?
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Scott M on Sunday, February 23, 2014 6:07 PM
My Dad uses one of those. He has it on for about half an hour each morning I believe, or that was where it started. There might be a varying-prescription thing, I'm not sure. I could check into if you're interested though.

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