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Excuses, excuses

I could give you all kinds of excuses for why I haven't been working very much on the proper topic for today's blog post. "Russian hackers" would be a good one, and might even be true. Based on the usage stats for my website, either my writing is super-popular in Russia or I'm a prime target for some kind of scam mechanisms.
A resurgence in my fanfic writing could also be to blame, though most of you are probably just as happy to see that, given the point we're approaching in DV. Even the weather could bear a portion of the responsibility. In reality, though, there isn't an easy, clear-cut answer as to why I'm making such slow progress on Playing with Fire.
I suppose part of the problem is what part of the problem always is. I'm afraid. I see how much everyone enjoys what I've already written, and I'm afraid that I can't possibly do that again. That whatever I do this time out, it won't measure up to what I did before. That I'll disappoint everyone, and you'll drift away and never return.
Logically, I know this is a silly standpoint to take. The easiest way I could possibly alienate you, after all, O readers, is to stop producing words for you to read! But when was the last time emotions were logical? And so, I must thump the fear over its pointy little head with the club of "shut up and go away" before I can continue.
It sometimes helps me to have an external goal to reach, like a word count I want to hit each day, or finishing a chapter in a week. Perhaps should I start posting snippets again on Thunder Thursdays, and make it my goal to have at least five thousand words written before I am allowed to put up another snippet? Would that be welcome?
If I can just get past this dry time in the story, round about Chapter 9, I have a fairly good chance of getting into clear running for a while, since I'm paralleling Widow and I'll be able to use its timeline for reference, to keep things moving along well. There'll be a few other dry spells, I'm sure, and a total crisis or two. There always are.
So, in conclusion, there hasn't been much progress since the last time I blogged about this topic, but I will make it my business to improve on that state of affairs by the next time I so blog. Snippet of Playing with Fire next Thursday sound good? Either a revamped version of one from September, or totally new material?
And now, I must be off. I actually have to do some work (shocking, I know) and then there is Surpassing Danger to be written. Happy National Chopstick Day, everyone! Order Chinese food and give them a try! Thanks as always for reading, and don't forget Twitter (@AnneBWalsh) and Facebook and all that good stuff!

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Terry on Thursday, February 06, 2014 9:03 PM
Anne - I will always be a fan even if you never wrote another thing (after finishing DV of course ;-) ) You earned the respect and loyalty of your fandom with the brilliant works you have shared with us.
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Sarah on Monday, February 10, 2014 11:25 AM
Expanding on what Terry said: you're already a published author of stories that I hold dear. You can't disappoint me because you owe me nothing. Not new stories, not the conclusion of current ones, and not even continued access to finished ones. (Well. Except for the ones we buy. There's a phrase about cold dead heads that applies to those.) We-your-readers owe you, in fact, for giving us glimpses into universes we could never have imagined.* If you stopped publishing altogether and yanked your works from the web, I'd mourn the loss of your writing at the same time as I celebrated your decision to choose your path. TL;DR: You're a talented storyteller and writer and you should feel no pressure from anyone regarding the work you choose to share with us. *If anyone suggests that you owe them their vision of the story, well, they can chronicle their own 'verse. Not as well as some (read: not as well as you), but then, that's their problem.

Anne on Sunday, February 16, 2014 3:32 PM
Terry: Awww. Thanks. I like your caveat there! Sarah: Um... cold dead hands, perchance? Flattered either way!

russian hackers on Saturday, February 08, 2014 11:59 AM
Dear Anne,

Thank you for the use of your site. You have no idea how much it means to our young children to have a place to experiment with spam for the first time and launch their hacking careers before they must begin eluding interpol.

We also adore each of your novels, and eagerly await the installments of Glenscar set in Eastern Europe. The Black Sea has its own magic and makes a lovely setting for novels of all varieties. Especially by writers who wish to remain writers.

Also, Russian translations of all of our novels as well as each of the Danger stories would be appreciated. We would compensate you accordingly. By not sending the KGB.

With Love,

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Anne on Sunday, February 16, 2014 3:32 PM
*salutes her Russian comrades and hurries off to do her research*

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