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Anne's Randomness

Evil fairy music and other randomness

Yes, it's time for yet another of Anne's Random Rambles, which is what happens when Anne has nothing else to blog about because there is something of a writing drought. Also known as leaving her current working original file on her other computer -- oops -- and tomorrow is her day for blogging about fanfic so she'll get to that then.

As for the title, my church's less adult bell choir (the one with an average age under 55) did a piece at Christmas with a section that sounded like... well... evil fairies. The Disney Fairies variety, with the new franchise starring Tinker Bell, set in Pixie Hollow. And no, of course I haven't watched all those movies. More than once. 

In any case, the evil fairy music amused me so much that I thought I would share it with you. A part of it even sounded like it ought to have words, only it didn't because it's a bell piece. Sometime maybe I will write words for it. Or maybe I won't. Depends on how bored I am at the next handbell concert. 

Other random news includes Brando making progress in puppy class, but still stealing tissues and orange peels out of unguarded garbage cans. There are rapidly becoming no unguarded garbage cans in this house. Something of a nuisance, but less of one than trying to chase down the little dog every five minutes!

We also got the dogs antlers to chew on, the last time we were at the pet store. And yes, I do mean that literally. They've been gnawing on them for two days now quite happily, except when Buddy decides he'd rather have the one Brando's got and they scuffle for a few moments, then switch. 

I'm very glad it's the weekend, as one of my coworkers is driving me batty. We have very similar jobs, but where mine leaves me plenty of downtime, she's always bellyaching about how much work she has. Funny, it doesn't stop her from spending an hour in the bathroom every morning making herself up...

Ah well, let that one pass. But if a Death Eater with an avian name pops up in the DV, or in Spell of Sealing, and gets knocked off in a spectacular and highly unpleasant fashion, you'll all know what it's about.

I do believe that is enough randomness for the moment, so I will sign off. Leave me some love and I'll try and finish up that chapter of Surpassing Danger within the next few days. That way, I can get back on the track to finish the whole main DV on its tenth anniversary! Tomorrow: Hermione's evul plan! Mwahahaha!

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