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The more things change

So I got a new printer for Christmas. It's wireless! It should run on the same router that puts out a signal for the entire house! Except... it doesn't. The computer can't even tell it's there. And that's besides the installation disk sounding like a yeti clearing its throat. I'll get it cleared up, I'm sure, but for the moment it's very frustrating.

And then there was this morning. We took the little dog to his puppy class for the first time. He proceeded to ignore me for most of the hour and play too rough with another dog. I'm sure we'll get the message across to him in the end, but again, for the moment, his antics are infuriating. Especially when he's usually so good at home.

This shall be the last cat report, unless any actual news arrives, in which case you will all hear about it immediately, and through every avenue open to me. Sadly, as most of you have likely realized, that means there still is no news about Poppy and Sesame. And as hard as this is to type, I'm beginning to think there may never be any. 

I don't, yet, know what this means for my writing. I've always loved cats, and even losing one when I was young didn't affect me quite like this (we let him out and he simply never came back). Am I going to be able to keep writing in Trycanta, or do a sequel to Killdeer if the right idea comes along? Honestly, I don't yet know. We'll see.

Moving off the sad topics, I've had a most intriguing offer from one of my readers, which I'm hoping will turn into something fun and exciting. I haven't yet received the go-ahead to tell all, but if you've ever loved one of my stories so much you wanted to jump inside and live it yourself, this might just be for you... more info to come! 

As for other writing, well, there hasn't been any for a while. Ideas come to me still, but they're not as insistent as they often are. They poke their heads up and wait patiently for me to see them, and then they go obediently into their little holes and wait for me to call them. Which, just now, I don't have the emotional energy to do. 

If and when that changes, I promise, O readers, you shall be some of the first people to know. For now, the stories are dormant, but far from dead. And who knows when they'll wake, or what will bring them back? We shall have to wait and see. Thanks, as always, for reading, and I'll do my best to get a fanfic update posted here tomorrow!

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Geoffrey on Sunday, January 12, 2014 3:24 AM
Yick. I hate setting up network printers. They never work.

And isn’t this the same puppy who ate the couch? Is that what “usually so good” means these days? As in, “he’s usually so good, like that time he ate the couch.” I suppose that makes him good at something

I’m sorry you’re losing hope. Oh poor Anne. I wish there were some way to cheer you up. Something we could do… you know all of us would do whatever we could. Hugs, and such. Maybe you could start a hug collection. Oh how I wish I could help you somehow.

As for that intriguing idea… I think I know what it is. And if I’m right… don’t get your hopes up. It usually requires a lot more work than initially thought, and almost never goes anywhere. Just… I guess I’m just recommending that you ask lots of questions about implementation early on (which, come to think of it, is usually a good reaction to most ideas).

Now. About that Spell o’ Sealin’? Your other readers are looking for more wolfies to read about.

Oh, I almost forgot to leave you with a question. When not working, writing, or playing with the animals, how do you like to spend your free time? Or rather, how would you prefer to spend it?
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Anne on Monday, January 13, 2014 9:54 AM
Well, it might have worked the first time, except that I must have mistyped the wireless password, and now the computer doesn't see it at all. Looks like I'm buying the not-included cable... unless the one that came with my other present works... huh. We shall see. Brando eating the couch was an instance of NOT being good -- most of the time he's rambunctious but sweet, chewing his toys and chasing laser lights. Never doubt that your comments help. And the intriguing idea is not solely mine, so neither are the hopes, but yes, questions shall certainly be asked. As for free time, reading, music, cooking, TV, games... the possibilities are not quite endless, but certainly expansive.

Dorian on Sunday, January 12, 2014 6:58 AM
So sorry there's no news of the cats. But don't give up all hope - I once had a missing cat come home five months after he vanished! I just opened the front door one morning and there he was, with that "where's my breakfast?" look on his face. So your lovelies may yet turn up. By the way, I finally got off my bum and bought "A Widow in Waiting" the other day. I'm enjoying it so far (only a couple of chapters in). Just thought that might cheer you up a little. Hugs and best wishes from Ireland.
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Anne on Monday, January 13, 2014 10:12 AM
Hope is far from given up -- there are plenty of farms and barns in that area, and though my two were not practiced hunters, lots of people have outdoor cats they leave food for. As long as they found shelter through the cold weather, they may yet come home. So glad you're enjoying Widow!

lilyginnyrose on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 3:00 AM
Printers are an invention of some relative of the dursleys, meant to frustrate people so much they don't have time to be creative anymore. As far as cats go, I agree with Dorian, they may turn up yet. In the meanwhile, have a hug. I can't give them to you myself but if you go to, you can have some (internet)hugs from other people.
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Anne on Wednesday, January 15, 2014 11:53 AM
Thanks for the recommend!

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