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Today's blog post title is a word of many meanings. In terms of a problem, most often it means that things have been fixed, that they are settled and no longer trouble. The use in story-terms is related to this, as the conflict of a tale winds its way to an answer, though not always a satisfactory one. And then there's the timely meaning.
I mean, of course, New Year's resolutions, most of which get broken by January 15, if they last so long. Resolved: that I will lose weight, clean the house, find a boyfriend, etc... As nice as these would be, I think I'll be lucky to get the house to a moderately uncluttered state, and as for the other two, #1 is FAR more likely than #3!
However, there are some New Year's resolutions that I think I ought to make, and do my best to keep. Most of them, surprise, surprise, have to do with writing. Most of my long-time readers know that I've been working on the Dangerverse for nine years now, which means this year would be a very fitting one to bring it to a close.
In the realm of originals, I'm hoping to get back to Glenscar (happy Thursday, everybody!) as soon as I can get my mind around to it, since it does require a very particular way of thinking. Plus, Playing with Fire will need some extra research to be as correct as I would like it to be, which requires both reading and thinking-time.
I do have plans for the Trycanta side of things, but since this isn't Tuesday, I'll only say that Snowball is slowly settling into place and there might be another development there as well. We shall see. As for other novels or short story collections, I really can't say anything yet... mostly because I don't know myself!
So, in handy-dandy bullet point format, in 2014, I resolve to:
  • Finish Surpassing Danger, and with it the main Dangerverse.
  • Finish, polish, and publish Playing with Fire.
  • Work more on Snowball, possibly publishing before end of year.
  • Pursue whatever other projects seem to call my name.
On the subject of Playing with Fire, as today is Thunder Thursday, please don't panic if the snippets of story I'd posted in September disappear briefly. I'm revising to make sure the book doesn't make people go "But wait, you said..." and will put them back up soon. Snarky comments on the changes, while probable, are really not necessary.
Also, a side-note to my brain: dear brain, I've already set up the order in which I want to release the Chronicles. Giving me scenes for Shadow's Dancing and The Highwayman's Apprentice is not helpful! I'm aware that my sister is champing at the bit to see Highwayman, but that doesn't mean you have to encourage her! Thank you.
In other writing news, my books have officially shipped from Smashwords to the website called Scribd, basically an online library with a monthly subscription fee, though they don't appear to be available to readers yet (I say "appear" because the search function is not the greatest I've ever encountered). More news soon, I hope.
Also, there's been some discussion on the Facebook page about donating copies of my books to libraries. I am slightly baffled as to why I would object to this -- I think it's a wonderful idea, and will be posting a "library combo pack" offer on Etsy shortly, for those of you who want to make such a donation and save some money while doing so!
Some of my books may be briefly unavailable over the next week or so, as I review and reload them to either add some features, fix a pricing discrepancy, or correct a couple of niggling errors. (For anyone who's already ordered Killdeer, congratulations, you have a first edition, complete with an editing mistake in the fourth movement!)
And I do believe that's all the news from my neck of the woods, so I shall post this and head off to do other things, possibly including writing. Please continue to pray or send good thoughts out for the safety of my cats, Poppy and Sesame, who are lost in northwestern Pennsylvania. Thanks, Happy New Year, and see everybody on Saturday!

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Alicia on Friday, January 03, 2014 2:29 AM
Ooooh, I get to be the first to comment! For some reason my browser is objecting to your blog... LOL. My first thought was when I hear "resolution," the first thing that comes to mind is a chord resolution in music. In particular, the Cruxshadows song "memorare" seems to be all about the chord resolutions (I've just barely started "Killdeer" yet and I'm delighted by your structure). And yay for library donations! I know I was one of the ones who asked -- haha, quite simply, as a woman who has now known she has Asperger's for three and a half years, I have learned it is ALWAYS better to ask. Some of my bright ideas don't seem so terribly bright after first attempt. LOL. Anyway, I'll definitely be getting a library combo pack, so very cool. I'm on the edge of my seat for the rest of SD. :) You know, too, I'm actually looking forward to the reread even more -- to going through the entire DV from start to finish as a finished work, having all the context I need to understand it as it is.
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Anne on Monday, January 06, 2014 12:58 PM
Thanks! I'd thought of calling the parts of Killdeer duets, instead (you'll probably figure out why as you read), but decided the "sonata" form worked better. The new Etsy item should be up tonight!

Julia on Saturday, January 04, 2014 12:30 PM
Sending good wishes to you and the cats and hoping they will be found soon. And looking forward to reading more of whichever universe you print next.
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Anne on Monday, January 06, 2014 12:58 PM
Thanks much!

Geoffrey on Monday, January 06, 2014 11:43 AM
… I think you’ve missed the point of resolutions, Anne. Resolving to do things that you would have done anyway doesn’t mean anything. Resolutions are a chance to look at our lives, see how we want to change, what sort of people we want to be, and figure out how to do that. And it looks like you know what you want those things to be, but you don’t want to be a cliché. Moreover, you don’t want to be the cliché of instantly giving up your resolutions. But that’s no reason to give up on what you really want.
And admitting what those things are is the first step, I think. In my case, those are very much like everyone else: I’d like to get in shape, get (and keep) my home clean, get a girlfriend, etc… None of these things are particularly hard, but the odds of them happening without some effort on my part are non-existent. So, January goals (I understand these have to be measurable things):
  • Lose 5 lbs
  • Go on a date
  • Clean the kitchen

That first one looks like it will require a scale. The second means meeting people. The third requires me to set aside some time. These are all doable.
Of course, having goals for writing are important, too (as a writer), and my own work goes depressingly slowly. Perhaps part of that is because I don’t have aspirations to do so professionally, nevertheless, I still have stories I want to tell. So for January,
  • Write 10k words for LoW
  • Write an outline for Sister

Thanks for reading, and good luck Anne! I hope you find your cats soon. If not… kittens?
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Anne on Monday, January 06, 2014 1:00 PM
Ah, but I'm the Queen of Things that Don't Mean Anything, aren't I? And of Missing the Point? Certainly I'm quite good at both. The only things I really want are totally out of my control, so it really doesn't matter anyway. And thanks for the recommendation but I doubt I'll trust myself to have cats again any time soon.

Geoffrey on Monday, January 06, 2014 9:05 PM
Aww. I always supposed you were the Queen of "Little Things that don't Seem Like Anything, but Which Add Up to Everything". You riddle your stories with them, after all.

So what are the things you really want? No need to be shy about them, since you've already said they're out of your control.

Geoffrey on Monday, January 06, 2014 9:18 PM
Besides Sesame and Poppy, I mean. I do hope they come home. Mutters about inflection not transferring over internet. Stupid english language lacking tonal nuance.

Anne on Wednesday, January 08, 2014 10:53 AM
Can you think of a language which has better written intonations, then? Just curious. As for the things I want, they're probably pretty common with everybody. A job which didn't require me to leave the house before dawn and get back after dark. Some indication that more people than just my "faithful few" are actually reading/caring about my writing (though the reviews and comments of the faithful do help). Romantic love. Though as you stated, that requires getting out and meeting people, and by the time my workday's over, I'm absolutely fed up with people. (Plus several other hangups in that direction but I've hit my limit on griping for today.) Thanks for asking.

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