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Of purrs and presents

The purrs, as you might guess, come from the stripy laprug currently in possession of the top half of my legs. Her name is Sesame. Her sister Poppy is lounging on my bed. (One's brown tabby and white, one's black and white, and we had bagels on their first day home. Free association took over and now we have cats named after seeds.) 

The presents... well, those are from me to you, and from you back to me. My 2013 holiday special, and the combined special from 2012 and 2013, are now available for pre-order on my Etsy site! The revised version of 2012's Sing We Now of Christmas is also available, along with In the Bleak Midwinter and Christmastime Is Here 2013!

If you are broke, do not despair. Hop over to the Contact Anne page and submit a character's name, brief description, and their biggest problem this holiday season for a chance to win a free copy of Christmastime Is Here 2013, which will include a bonus story featuring a reader-inspired character! Could it be yours? Why not find out?

The deadline for entries to the story contest is tomorrow, Sunday, November 3, so submit now before time runs out! And if you have no ideas, take heart. I will also be releasing a fan fiction holiday present in the month of December, "The Raven and the Writing Desk", originally written for Fandom4LLS (raising money for cancer research)!

So, I think that's enough uber-enthusiasm for right now. Sesame doesn't like it when I type too emphatically, and tells me so with a cold nose right to the inside of my elbow -- yeah, like THAT. Got it, cat, got it. Type more softly, you're trying to sleep. (Speaking of cats, if you're wondering what Sesame looks like... click here!)

Moving on, from real cats to cat-inspired fiction. National Novel Writing Month it may be, and I said I was going to continue Playing with Fire for it, but Killdeer lit up a few days ago and won't go away. Which is probably a good thing, since Sing We Now of Christmas contained a sequel to it and In the Bleak Midwinter has another one...

Yes, I know. Most people would release the first story in the series, well, first. But since when have I ever done anything in the way most people would do? Still, I'm hoping to get Killdeer finished before I release In the Bleak Midwinter. I pulled November 23 out of the air as a shipping date for the specials... think I can make it?

Killdeer, in case you're wondering, will consist of four parts, the first of which was published as "Music Hath Charms" in Cat Tales. I'm currently about two-thirds done with Part Three, and know what goes into the remaining third, but then comes Part Four, which is the big climax and always the hardest part to write...

Still, I do know what happens, so that's always a plus. Now I just have to make sure to keep my characters strong, my plot points relevant, my world-building consistent... wait, remind me again why I want to do this writing thing when it's so much work? Oh, that's right. Because I don't really ever want to do anything else with my life.

So, I think that's about enough from me for today. Enjoy your Saturday, consider pre-ordering one of my specials or making pleading eyes at your friend or family member of choice, submit a character for the story drawing if you'd like, and stay tuned for a listing of ALL remaining Surpassing Danger chapters right here tomorrow!

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