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Deep breaths

My apologies for the somewhat grouchy tone of Sunday's post. As I said when starting this particular attempt at blogging, I've tried to keep my emo side down, but occasionally it gets away from me. Thanks to those who've made an effort to help out... unfortunately, fanfiction auto-deletes email addresses from reviews! Argh!
Moving back to happier things, which I can control: As I announced on Facebook yesterday, I've decided to add a bonus story to the combined Christmas volume, and YOU could star in it! That's right, my bonus story for Christmastime Is Here will be based on a reader idea, and that lucky reader will also get a FREE copy of the book!
How do you get in on this? Simple. Click the Contact Anne link on the left side of this page (or those words in this sentence) and fill out the form with the name and brief description of the character you'd like to see in an Anne story, and their biggest problem this holiday season. I'll pick the winning idea randomly this Sunday, 11/3!
Fair warning: any and all ideas which do not win may still be used in future Anne stories. I'm constantly story-spinning, after all. Or seeing into new universes to Chronicle, or old ones. The very first idea to come in, to my happy surprise, would make for a really fun Trycanta story (always assuming that's okay with the giver).
Ha-ha, you thought I forgot what day it is! I didn't... darn it. Not that I mind Tuesdays so much, but since this Thursday is Halloween, our handbell choir is practicing today instead of then. Which I also don't really mind, it's fun, but it's a night out of my week that I would otherwise have for, y'know, writing. And petting crazy furry creatures.
And speaking of crazy furry creatures! (In a final, perhaps futile, attempt to get this blog post back to its proper weekday topic.) I will admit, I missed a bet when I wrote the Trycanta story for Cat Tales. A world with a cat-like race, and they didn't star in the story for the cat-themed anthology? What's up with that, huh?
My problem is what my problem usually is, when writing in the short form. The universes I create, or see, are so intensely complicated that I have a hard time getting all the explanations I feel I need into a short piece, and that's even without the rather necessary story elements of plot, character, etc, etc.
So I'll make that my resolution on this Trycanta Tuesday, since New Year's is still a couple months away. Work on my short form writing, even, or especially, in complex universes. I may always prefer novels to short stories, but I should be able to write both, even in a world where intelligent cats and dragons live alongside humans.
In fact... hmm. I believe I may feel a Trycanta story coming on right now. I shall post this lovely blog bit, and then I shall voyage into the depths of time and space, send my spirit soaring to watch as a lyrro person meets a human person face to face for the first time... and then I'm just gonna dance. *dances randomly around her desk*
Thanks, as always, for reading! Don't forget to think of a character you'd like to see in an Anne story -- can be based on you, on somebody else (with permission, please!), or made up entirely -- and submit them and their greatest problem this holiday season to the bonus story challenge through the Contact Anne form! See you Thursday!

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